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Clark, Carol



Councillor Carol Clark was elected to represent the Grangefield Ward in May 2011 along with her husband Michael. Having lived in Grangefield for more than 35 years, gave them a deep knowledge and passion for the area.

Together they helped and developed a number of significant projects and initiatives to improve the quality of life for many residents. Sadly, Michael died in June 2016.

Carol continues the work they began – supporting and encouraging voluntary and community activity across Grangefield including:


  • the over 50s drop-in they established at the Grays Road Institute
  • the Green Project for environmental activities
  • the Grangefield Community Council as a forum for all residents
  • the 'Great Gardens' competition, which is in it's sixth year 
  • regular charity coffee mornings (which have raised thousands of pounds for local and national organisations).

As the borough’s ‘Older Persons Champion’, Carol works really hard to improve the wellbeing of older residents. A great example of this is the specialist exercise classes that she has set up to improve balance, core strength and prevent falls. She would love to see them in every Ward because of the difference they would make.

As well as all her community work Carol brings a vast array of knowledge, skills and experience to her role as a councillor - from her employment in a refuge for women and children who experienced domestic violence, hostels for homeless people, and as a teaching assistant/transition worker in several primary and secondary schools. Carol also ran her own food business before retiring, and served as a governor at Oak Tree Primary School for over 20 years.

Regular Ward Surgeries are held at Fairfield Library, Grays Road Institute and Hartburn Scout Group Hut where people can call in and discuss any issues they may have.


Ward Surgeries

            No Surgeries during August  

06 September 2018

Grays Road Institute, 6pm – 7pm

10 September 2018

Hartburn Scout Group Hut, 12noon – 1pm

17 September 2018

Fairfield Library, 12noon - 1pm

04 October 2018 

Grays Road Institute, 6pm – 7pm

08 October 2018

Hartburn Scout Group Hut, 12noon – 1pm

15 October 2018

Fairfield Library, 12noon - 1pm

01 November 2018 

Grays Road Institute, 6pm – 7pm

12 November 2018

Hartburn Scout Group Hut, 12noon – 1pm

19 November 2018

Fairfield Library, 12noon - 1pm

06 December 2018 

Grays Road Institute, 6pm – 7pm

10 December 2018

Hartburn Scout Group Hut, 12noon – 1pm

17 December 2018

Fairfield Library, 12noon - 1pm

03 January 2019

Grays Road Institute, 6pm – 7pm

14 January 2019

Hartburn Scout Group Hut, 12noon – 1pm

21 January 2019

Fairfield Library, 12noon - 1pm

07 February 2019

Grays Road Institute, 6pm – 7pm 

11 February 2019

Hartburn Scout Group Hut, 12noon – 1pm

18 February 2019

Fairfield Library, 12noon - 1pm

07 March 2019 

Grays Road Institute, 6pm – 7pm

11 March 2019

Hartburn Scout Group Hut, 12noon – 1pm

18 March 2019

Fairfield Library, 12noon - 1pm


Grangefield Ward Information

February 2017

February has been a very busy month with Carol attending meetings of the planning committee, Executive Scrutiny, the Environmental Forum and three ward surgeries at the Grays Road Institute, Greens Grove Scout hut and also Fairfield Library.

Also attended were Schools Forum, MALAP, the Over 50s forum, and Stockton Grange Estates Community Association. At the Scrutiny Liaison meeting we decided what we would be working on in our select committees this coming year. Carol also attended the care leaver’s celebration at the Billingham Forum. This was a wonderful evening and we were so proud of our young people in care who have achieved so much.

Meetings with ward members were also held in preparation of the Grangefield ward newsletter and this is being delivered at present. In the newsletter Carol was pleased to inform residents that the centre piece play equipment has now been installed in Grangefield Park. She has also given her report from Children and Young People to the Stockton Children’s Safeguarding Board and has sat in on the special cabinet meeting.

A coffee morning was held at Ewbank Community centre and Carol took her cakes to sell. It was a good morning despite the bad weather.

We are now looking forward to the Spring and our litter picks in two venues. If you would like to come along to help contact Carol on 01642 675688.

22 January 2017

It has been a very busy few weeks since the New Year with a special meeting of Grange Estates Community Association and a ward surgery at Grays Road Institute.

Carol has also held another two ward surgeries. One was held at Greens Grove Sea Scout Hut and one at Fairfield Library.

Also, Carol attended the Over 50s Forum. Carol is the Older Persons Champion so it is good to hear what members of the Forum have to say.

Carol stood in for another member of the People Select Committee and attended the Grange Estates Community Association where she is Chair.

She attended the Executive Scrutiny meeting and Cabinet where she gave her report on Stockton Children Safeguarding Board to both committees.

Each month we have a Members Policy Update where we are given reports on different aspects of our work so we can pass on information to our residents. This month it was the Police and Crime commissioner and the Chief Constable who came to talk to us.

And finally something different, on Friday Carol attended a women’s group (some were from the singers we had at our Christmas Coffee morning last month). We are making a Peace blanket which will eventually be displayed in Stockton Library.


Tuesday 20 December 2016

Thanks to all the residents who donated food etc for our Food Bank Collection. This has now been taken to help groups in need at Christmas. We are very grateful for this continued support of our work

Carol was invited to the Blind and Partially Sighted group Christmas Party earlier this month. It was a lovely occasion and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely.

She also attended a ward surgery in the Greens Grove Scout Hut and met up with an officer to sort out the scrutiny topics for the next municipal year.

Our monthly Members Policy update was Care For Your Area this time and as the department will lose more money out of their budget it was good to hear this firsthand so we can pass information to our residents. Carol also chaired the Children and Young People’s Select Committee and attended the Full Council meeting where there was a very important motion put forward about our Looked after Children and Young People and how we support them.

Carol and her Grangefield ward team would like to wish all residents a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful New Year.


Monday 5 December 2016

Over the past three weeks Carol has held three ward surgeries, at Greens Grove Sea Scout hut, Fairfield Library, and Grays Road Institute.

Carol also attended the Central Area Transport group, two meetings of the Children and Young People Select Committee, the Grange Estates Community Association meeting, Executive Scrutiny, and the Planning Committee. She also observed, as part of the frontline services work for Children & Young People, the meetings of Stockton Local Safeguarding Children’s Board and the Children’s Multi Agency Placement Panel.

The Shaw Trust held their Christmas Fayre and Carol went along as usual to support their work. It was a lovely afternoon and is recommended to residents. They always have some wonderful produce for sale as well as wooden gifts.

On Saturday we held our Grangefield ward Christmas Coffee morning. We raised £280 for Butterwick Children’s Hospice, especially thinking about young children with cancer. There was an amazing turn out and we also had United Voices Women’s Choir, who were wonderful. 


Monday 14 November 2016

We had some exciting news towards the end of October, after asking for funding for the centre piece of equipment for the children’s play area. This was agreed and will be installed early next year towards March. Our thanks go to Eleanor, the chair of the Green Project, who wrote the bid for funding as this will complete the younger children’s area in Grangefield Park We have also ordered a picnic table to be installed beside the play area.

Carol attended meetings including Schools Forum, two Planning Committee meetings, Full Council, Executive Scrutiny, Grange Estates Community Association and a pre-meeting of Children and Young People Select Committee.

She also attended Cabinet to give the report on the Youth Service Scrutiny Review to talk about the changes that will need to be made in that service because of funding cuts by the government.

Each year, one of our residents, Alan Betteney, is involved in writing history books about parts of Stockton, so it was good to attend the latest book launch. This is extremely interesting for anyone who wants to know about Stockton in the past.

Other meetings attended were the Onsite board, Planning Committee training and a presentation from the Fire Service.

Carol also visited one of our children’s homes, where our children and young people in care, live. She also held a ward surgery and a Food Bank collection.

One of the highlights of the last few weeks was the Corporate Parenting Event held at Wynyard Hall. It was organised by our looked after young people and was a credit to them. The event was well attended by councillors, council officers and other staff and everyone was given an insight into some of the pressures they deal with as looked after youngsters. As councillors we are all corporate parents.  

And finally, Carol attended the Grangefield Academy on Friday to take part in their Remembrance Service. As always it was very poignant and it was good to see the students taking part as they always do.


Sunday 16 October 2016

Over the last two weeks we have held our Food Bank collection and also held two ward surgeries at Grays Road Institute and also Greens Grove Sea Scout hut.

Two meetings were observed as part of the Stockton Safeguarding Board scrutiny review we are taking part in at our Children & Young People Select Committee. One was the Safeguarding Forum which was an update to Heads of Schools and the other was our own Stockton Children Safeguarding Board.

Carol attended a conference on Tackling Childhood Obesity and also met with officers from Thirteen (Housing) and the council at Blackburn Close.

She also visited one of the council’s children’s homes, as part of being a council member is to be responsible as a corporate parent for our children in care.

Other meetings attended were the Children and Young People Select Committee, MALAP which is the Multi-Agency for Looked after Children Partnership, the Members Policy Update which among subjects was about Adult Safeguarding.

Carol also attended the Cabinet meeting where Fairfield Library was on the agenda. Contrary to information that was spread, this was never about just closing the library but to find a co-partner to help cut the costs while still having a library in the building. As Carol was the only councillor from the area to come up with a viable idea which was to have a nursery on the site too, this was agreed by the Cabinet members.

Every year we hold the Looked after Children awards. It was wonderful to see all the children and young people gaining awards and having such a good time. The staff excelled at making the day for the children and thanks go to them all.

Carol also was part of the interview panel for an Assistant Director post on Friday with other members of the council.


3 October 2016

Last week was our Picnic in the Park at Grangefield Park. This was held to unveil Michael’s bench and plaque and also the opening of the first phase of the children’s play area. It was a lovely afternoon and very well attended by friends, residents, councillors and council officers.

Meetings attended include the final tripartite of Youth Services, Children & Young People pre-meeting discussing Stockton Children’s Safeguarding Board, Children and Young People Select Committee, Executive Scrutiny, Planning Committee and a Members Policy update where we heard the initial proposals for the new boundaries in the parliamentary constituencies.

Also attended was the Grange Estates Community Association at the Institute on Grays Road, the ward surgery in Fairfield Library and the full council meeting. As part of front line visits to see how the council works Carol attended a meeting of the Supported Accommodation Panel where they discuss updates on young people living there after they have left our children’s homes and also a meeting of Children’s Multi Agency Placement Panel where discussions took place on sending young people out of the borough. As chair of Children and Young People, Carol and her vice chair, attended a meeting of Durham Children’s Safeguarding Board where it was interesting to see how they worked as a committee.

Today is the Food Bank collection and this week Carol will be attending the Safeguarding Forum to observe.


11 September 2016

During the last few weeks we have held our Grangefield Ward Garden Competition and the winner was Mr. and Mrs Roxborough of Hillcrest Avenue. The standard as always is very high and it is wonderful to see the array of colours and different flowers and fruit. There will be more information in our next Doorstep newsletter.

We held our Coffee Morning to raise more funds for Cancer Research UK. This was very well attended and raised £535. This means that with the £625 raised at Michael’s celebration of life and £40 from Hartburn Primary School, where Michael was a governor, we have raised £1200 in Michael’s name. We would like to thank everyone for their generosity and good wishes, it is very much appreciated.

Our Food Bank collection was held last week – thanks to all who donated much needed food and toiletries.

Meeting attended were the Children & Young People pre-meeting and Planning Committee.


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