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Brown, Derrick


Councillor Derrick Brown represents Stainsby Hill Ward. 

I was born in Stockton and I am married to Linda with two sons and a daughter. I attended Bailey Street School until I was fifteen when I got an apprenticeship as a decorator which I still do to this day. During my years as a decorator I worked in the private sector but in the last 30 years I have worked in local government both at Middlesbrough Council and Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council.

Whilst working in local government I took an interest in trade unions and joined UCATT then became a shop steward then a union convenor. Finally I became the secretary to all senior stewards on the council on a full time basis. My role on the council helped to change the structure of the council during the 80's and 90's helping it to become one of the best authorities in Britain. I also served on the North Regional Council for Unions for many years.

My involvement in the community has been life long and I was Vice-Chairman of the, now defunct, Stockton Voluntary Development Agency, helping and assisting a host of charities to initially set up in Stockton. I was also Chairman of Stockton Residents Group working to help set up other residents groups within the borough who have achieved many things over the years. Although I am no longer a board member I still work with them and today we have good Thornaby residents groups which work hard to support our communities.

Also, working alongside Tristar to help shape the future of our housing stock, I have served for over 15 years as Vice-Chairman on the Five Lamps Board in Thornaby which now operates in and around the North East and is widely regarded as one of the best charitable organisations in the country. The Five Lamps has helped thousands of people in our borough with advice on setting up businesses and reducing poverty with credit unions.

I have been a proud member of the Labour Party for over 30 years and hope to bring social change to the community. In my role as a councillor, I first served on Thornaby Town Council in the 90's and was Mayor on four occasions. One of my proudest achievements was to chair the Airmans Committee which brought the now famous Airman statue on Thornaby Road to honour the RAF personnel of 608 Squadron and those who served at Thornaby Airfield during WWII up to it's closure.

In May 2011 I was re-elected onto Stockton Council serving as ward member for Stainsby Hill Ward. I have found my role hard work but enjoyable, working on four scrutiny committees. Please visit Councillors and Council Meeting Information (Egenda) to see the committees that I am currently appointed to.

I take my position as Councillor very seriously and have attended many training courses to help me carry out my role and would like to single out the valuable help and guidance from Democratic Services, as without this department, I feel I would not be in this position today.

I am now semi-retired as a decorator and spend my free time building and collecting military models and following Liverpool and Middlesbrough FC although I like to see all our regional teams do well. I also enjoy snooker and horse racing, particularly watching Ronnie O'Sullivan and Tony McCoy.

I hold a surgery each month in Stainsby Hill Ward at South Thornaby Community & Resource Centre between 5pm - 6pm.


Ward Surgeries

5pm - 6pm

No August surgery

24 September 2018 South Thornaby Community & Resource Centre 
22 October 2018  South Thornaby Community & Resource Centre 
26 November 2018 South Thornaby Community & Resource Centre 
No December surgery South Thornaby Community & Resource Centre 
21 January 2019  South Thornaby Community & Resource Centre 
18 February 2019  South Thornaby Community & Resource Centre 
18 March 2019  South Thornaby Community & Resource Centre 


Stainsby Hill Ward Information

Cleveland Police
Information on your local Neighbourhood Team.

Stop Smoking
The Stockton and Hartlepool Stop Smoking Service is offering drop-in sessions across the Borough to those people who wish to give up smoking. There will be help from trained advisors and prescriptions available for treatments such as nicotine replacement or other supporting medication.

For more details of the service and drop-in time table, please ring 01642 383819 or visit the Stop smoking service website.

Anti-Social Behaviour
There have been a number of incidents of anti social behaviour within the ward and I am working with agencies such as Tristar, Stockton Council and the Police to tackle the problem. Recently there has been illegal waste dumping and bonfires around the Holmes and Middlefield estates. To report any anti social behaviour, please contact the Anti-Social Behaviour Team Tel: 01642 607943 Email: [email protected]

Waste Collection
There have been many complaints regarding tenants leaving dustbins out all the time. Please ensure that you have your wheeled bin or black bags out at the kerbside before 7am on the morning of collection, and remove your bin as soon as you can once it has been emptied. For more information please visit Waste Collection and Recycling or telephone 01642 391959 or email [email protected] 

Facilities for Children
I am currently working alongside residents groups to find a solution to the lack of facilities for young children, particularly in the areas of Stainsby Beck and Holmes/Middlefield Estates. 

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