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Baldock, Louise


Councillor Louise Baldock represents Parkfield and Oxbridge Ward and holds ward surgeries each month where the public can call in to discuss any issues they may have. The venues used are Parkfield Community Centre and the Oxbridge Christian Fellowship Hall.

Louise lives in Oxbridge, close to Ropner Park which she believes is the jewel in Stockton’s crown. Her grandfather, great grandfather and two of her great uncles worked on council parks, so she has a love for green spaces in her blood.

She is a member of Stockton Women’s Business Network and runs her own Family History business where she enjoys learning about how our ancestors lived in years gone by, particularly those from our area. She was thrilled when working on one client’s tree to discover a link to the Kelly family who operated the ferry across the Tees between Stockton and Thornaby close to Boat House Lane.

 As an entrepreneur, Louise is very supportive of local shops and businesses;  she represents businesses in Oxbridge, Bowesfield, Parkfield and also Preston Farm. She is slowly visiting every business in the area and hopes to set up a local business network and maybe a shop watch to provide maximum support to these vital employers who serve the town. 

During her election to the council Louise knocked on every door in the ward, to ask people about the things that matter to them. Those issues included fighting crime, particularly related to drugs and prostitution, ASB; street cleanliness; finding more activities and opportunities for young people and tackling the blight of empty and derelict houses. She is working on those issues now, in conjunction with council officers, local police, housing association staff, youth workers, churches and mosques.

Louise has a blog where she keeps people updated about her progress. 


Ward Surgeries

 6pm – 7pm

04 January 2018 Lighthouse Centre, 34 Yarm Road
18 January 2018 Oxbridge Christian Fellowship, Norfolk Street
01 February 2018 Lighthouse Centre, 34 Yarm Road
15 February 2018 Oxbridge Christian Fellowship, Norfolk Street
01 March 2018 Lighthouse Centre, 34 Yarm Road
14 March 2018 Oxbridge Christian fellowship, Norfolk Street


Parkfield and Oxbridge Ward Information

Community Information

Cleveland Police
Information on your local Neighbourhood Team.

Stop Smoking
The Stockton and Hartlepool Stop Smoking Service is offering drop-in sessions across the Borough to those people who wish to give up smoking. There will be help from trained advisors and prescriptions available for treatments such as nicotine replacement or other supporting medication. Stop Smoking Advisors can also monitor a smoker’s carbon monoxide levels so they can see the progress they are making and the effect it is having on their body.

For more details of the service and drop-in time table, please ring 01642 383819 or click the website link below to find out your nearest drop-in clinic or pharmacy one stop shop.

View the stop smoking drop in service timetable.


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