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Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

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Councillor's Interests, Gifts and Hospitality

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Following the Council's adoption of the new Code of Conduct for Members on 18 July 2012 a new register of interests form and accompanying guidance notes were produced.

Under the Code of Conduct, all Councillors and Co-opted Members must ensure that they register certain interests, specified in the Code, in the Authority's Register of Members' Interests. Details of any changes to registered interests must also subsequently be included in the register.

Whilst this electronic version of Members' registered details will be updated on a periodic basis, a hard copy version of the Register is held in the Council's Offices at the Municipal Buildings, Church Road, Stockton-on-Tees. This version is updated as and when details of any additions, details or other changes are received, and is available for public inspection during normal office hours, by appointment. Please contact the Monitoring Officer on 01642 527060 should you wish to arrange to make an appointment to inspect the register.

The Council's Monitoring Officer is also required to ensure that details of the interests of Members of each of the Town and Parish Councils in the Borough Council's administrative area are maintained on a register of interests and kept up to date. Please contact the Monitoring Officer if you have any queries about such interests or wish to inspect any of the registers.




Register of Councillor's Interests

  • Councillor Julia Whitehill


Councillors' gifts and hospitality


Members' interests, gifts and hospitality


Co-opted Reps


Health and Wellbeing Board 

  • David Brown
  • Emma Champley
  • Kate Birkenhead
  • Steve Rose
  • Jo Heaney
  • Jason Harwin
  • Paula Swindale
  • Ann Workman
  • Sheila Lister
  • Fiona Adamson
  • Julie Gillon
  • Saleem Hassan


Police and Crime Panel 


Town and Parish Councils