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Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Big plans, bright future

Arts, Leisure and Culture


This jigsaw piece represents a group of services relating to Arts, Leisure and Culture.

The figure on the jigsaw piece shows how much we currently spend on these services in a year – a total of £7 million.

Each piece is important in its own right, but the finances available to us are continuing to shrink while demand for services is continuing to grow.

All of your libraries and museums are supported by the £7 million budget for Arts, Culture and Leisure as well as sport and leisure facilities and our year round programme of festivals and events.




  • Sport & Leisure - £3.2m
  • Libraries - £2.15m
  • Events and Festivals - £0.75m
  • Museums - £0.55m
  • Arts Development - £0.35m