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Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

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Viewpoint - residents' panel


Viewpoint is one of the key ways that the Council consults with local residents.

  • Would you like to share your views on:

  - Subjects that matter locally?

  - Things that matter to you?

  • Do you care about and want to help:

  - Your local area?

  - Local people?

  • Do you want to ‘do your bit’ for the Borough?
  • Do you live in Stockton-on-Tees?
  • Are you aged 18 or over?


If you have answered YES to the above, why not join Viewpoint today?

  • Viewpoint is the Council’s voluntary residents’ consultation panel.
  • We use Viewpoint to find out what residents think about the services and benefits we provide and what improvements and changes they think we need to make.
  • Each year, Viewpoint members are asked to fill in up to four ‘standard’ surveys of up to 10 questions and up to 12 ‘rapid response’ surveys that take just 5 minutes to answer.
  • Standard surveys can be filled in either online or by post. Rapid response surveys are only completed online.
  • All surveys vary and each one focuses on key issues relating to the Borough.
  • We sometimes hold local workshops and discussion groups to help find out more about what you tell us in your questionnaires.
  • All results are reported in Viewpoint Newsletters which are distributed to all Viewpoint members, available on our website, and shared with our Corporate Management Team.
  • We feedback to Viewpoint members, informing them of any changes/improvements made in response to their comments.

Join Viewpoint resident's panel

Viewpoint is free to join and you can be a member for up to three years.

Please return completed application forms for either group to:

FREEPOST – Business Reply Service Licence No. RTKU-KGBC-LRTE

The Communication, Consultation and Engagement Team
Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council
Municipal Buildings
Church Road
TS18 1LD

What happens to the results from consultations?
A summary report on each Viewpoint consultation is distributed to all members of the panel.

Consultation results from the Viewpoint panels are shared with key decision makers in the Council and our partner organisations (e.g. Police and health services). They will be used to help make decisions that affect everyone in the Borough.

* Note about social media consultations: All legal age limits will be observed for social media applications. Information that you give us about your age when you join helps us to ensure that nobody receives a social media based consultation that shouldn't or that they have told us they don't want to.