Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

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Consultations - have your say


All Local Authorities have a statutory duty to consult on a variety of services. We go far beyond any statutory duty and aim to consult local people on many aspects of our service planning and delivery.

We believe that consultation is crucial in helping us make decisions which will affect the Borough and that consultation has a key role in informing and influencing our decision making and activities.

Our Consultation Strategy, sets out our approach to consulting with local people, as well as establishing the processes by which it will be managed and evaluated.


Residents’ Survey

From 22 July until December people from across the Borough will be asked to take part in a residents’ survey conducted by respected polling company Ipsos MORI.

The Residents’ Survey is carried out in each part of Stockton-on-Tees to find out what residents think about Council services, how they think they could be shaped to improve the Borough, and help the Council continue to provide value for money.

The survey also provides and understanding of our communities and their key characteristics and how adult residents feel about living here as well as asking residents how they would like to contact the council and ask for their views on their local area, housing, community cohesion, crime and anti-social behaviour.

Residents aged 16 or above will be randomly selected to take part in the door-to-door survey covering around 2,000 participants.

The survey is optional and all officers conducting the surveys will carry identification badges and do not need to enter your home.



Viewpoint is one of the key ways that the Council consults with local residents. We use it to find out what local people think about the services and benefits we provide and what improvements and changes they think we need to make.

It’s entirely voluntary. More information can be found on the Viewpoint page.