Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Big plans, bright future

Week Commencing 19 September 2016

21 September 2016


Attended the unveiling of the mural on the wall of the Beeches Care Home, Newtown, Stockton. This is an innovative piece of art work carried out by a group from the Riverside College. They have painted a stretch of brick wall with various flower, insect and bird designs and lacquered over it to preserve it from the elements. It now means that instead of staring at a bland brick wall they can delight in the picturesque scene painted for them.


Attended the Mayor of Darlington’s Quiz night at Village Hall, Sadberge in aid of his Mayoral charities. I have to admit this hall is a stunning location with a fantastic view across the countryside. Again never won the raffle however with the help of the others on our table we tied for the quiz, the tie breaker was “ How many different countries were represented by runners“  the Mayor of Hartlepool helped us win by giving the correct number…….


22 September 2016


…Answer to quiz 178.

Attended Teesside Park shopping centre where we took along some clothing bags (the Mayoress only too willing to make more room in her wardrobe!)  to start the British Heart Foundation Bring A Bag event . Here’s hoping the event was a great success as they need more stock for their outlets.


Attended Tees Valley Wildlife Trust Open Afternoon and AGM at the Portrack Marsh Nature Reserve. This site is located at the rear of the Talpore Pub and White-water Way. I was amazed at the progress made by the group in transforming this piece of land into a natural nature reserve; standing on the top of the bank it gives an excellent view across the reserve and ponds, towards the Tees and Newport Bridge. There is a path around the area taking about 45-60 minutes to cover the whole site, also a walk along the Tees to Newport Bridge and across the other side down to the A66 where you cross the foot path on the bridge back to Talpore about 4-5 miles.

I know they are looking for volunteers to help with this and other projects and it would be nice to see if they can get sponsorship for benches to be placed on the vantage points so people can sit and reflect on the views.

For more information contact


24 September 2016


Attended Teesside High School, Yarm, for their open day. I was shown around the school and was really impressed by the set up and attention to detail that the school puts in every subject. Particularly impressive was the new sixth form building which overlooks the tennis courts and the river.


Attended the Mayor of South Tyne Sides charity race night at Hedworthfield CA, Jarrow. As usual I didn’t win a thing on the raffle.