Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

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Week Commencing 31 October 2016

1 November 2016


Attended the Town Hall, Stockton where I met the Stockton and District Cancer Research committee who were celebrating their 80th anniversary. It is believed that in 1936 this group was set up with the support of the then Mayor, and during its time the group has raised a staggering £440,000. It is because of the efforts of this and other volunteer groups around the country that research into this terrible disease has moved forward, as you will have seen in the Cancer Research Informational TV ads, they are beating cancer. It still imperative that we all check for signs and symptoms of any type of the disease and seek immediate medical advice, please take notice of all the literature and advice facilities that are readily available. I gave out several well deserved awards and long may their hard work continue. A special thank you goes to Jennifer Anderson who has been on the committee for 55 years.

If you want to help in fund raising or donate to this cause please contact via email to


Attended the Forum theatre for a presentation of Somme 100, Festival of Remembrance and Poppy Appeal Launch. The night was compared by Alisdair Hutton,

The band of the Royal Armoured Corps played with George Colley Singers from Hartlepool, and there were performances from Annabelle Hall and Dominic Walton from Northfield School, Colin Bourdiec, Pam Royal, and singers from the Stockton Riverside College. I would like to thank everyone who took part and the production and commercial staff for all their efforts; it was a great moving night full of nostalgia!


2 November 2016


We joined the procession along the High Street with the rest of the participant of the Diwali, there was a large crowd of people who had come on this cold night to witness this Festival of Light. We were treated to dancing, singing and drumming with the story of Prince Rama and his beautiful wife Sita and how they brought light and joy to all that met them. A very enjoyable night.


4 November 2016


Attended the Wolviston Primary School, Billingham, the school has designated a dining table as the Mayors table where once a month 4 children are selected because of their hard work to sit and have dinner with a VIP. On this occasion they asked me to open the first sitting and have an inaugural dinner, I was introduced to the prefects when I first arrived who showed me around the school pointing out all their achievements and things of interest. They took me into the different class rooms introducing me to the children and staff, all of which were very politely done. I then opened the dining area and had my meal which was very nice with the chosen pupils, again very polite in answering my questions. We were then shown around the conservatory area where I said goodbye to the children and teachers. Again I enjoyed the visit very much and hope to be invited back to their assembly, I noted that one of their main aims included RESPECT, so I volunteered a poem I had written to go on their wall entitled ONE WORD; I hope they like it.


Attended the Mayor of Peterlee’s charity ball, held at Shotton Hall Banqueting Suites, Peterlee . We had a nice meal and were entertained by a group called “Betcha By Golly Wow “ a Motown tribute group. We had a nice evening networking with other dignitaries, and as you can tell by now we didn’t win anything on the raffle (one of these days) .


5 November 2016

Attended the fire Works Display on the Riverside Road, Stockton. It was a bitterly cold night and had been raining heavily so you can imagine my surprise when thousands of people attended the event, flooding the Riverside Road and surrounding areas. The theme was Past Legends and was devoted to music artists that are sadly no longer with us! What a spectacular event with Radio Tees setting the mood with a live band then the themed music, and the fireworks set of spectacularly by Q2. I have to admit I always thought this event gets better and better, and it did not disappoint as I thought this is the best event so far. It was pleasing to see the town centre economy thriving as there were queues at the food and drink outlets. I must congratulate all involved in the planning and participation of this event it was a stunningly successful night despite the freezing conditions.