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Week Commencing 14 November 2016

14 November 2016

Attended Town Hall, Stockton where I entertained Level 1 Diploma students from Stockton Riverside College, I gave them a tour of the building and then told them all about the workings of what happens in the Town Hall and the history behind this famous building. I also told them about the history of some of the famous people that had come from the Stockton area, I think it’s fair to say most of the facts were news to the students and they seemed very interested. I think a lot of people are not aware of the history of the building and the significance of the area throughout the ages; we have an open invitation for groups to attend provided it is available.


15 November 2016

Attended Junction Farm Primary School, Eaglescliffe, I attended the assembly and was treated to some great singing then I explained my role to the children and then had a question and answer session. I then met with the school council where I was again asked questions about my role, I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent standard of the questions posed, I was even asked how I was so confident when answering the questions and talking to the children! I would like to thank all the children in assembly as well as the school council along with the staff for making us feel so welcome.


Next attended Preston Hall, Stockton, for a photo call to celebrate the Castlegate Centre running a community campaign “ Cup Of Festival Kindness “. The campaign is aimed at older members of the community that are young at heart but lonely, and combines Age UK, the British Legion, Dementia UK and others such as Yorkshire Bank and Compass Travel. This is a great campaign putting into the public eye the plight of the older generation and loneliness, I think we sometimes take it for granted that there is always someone there for us, but this raises the awareness that we need to give time to those from no fault of their own suddenly have to embrace this frightening prospect.

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16 November 2016


Attended the monthly Citizenship ceremony at the Town Hall, Stockton, it is pleasing to see people from all over the world wanting to become British Citizens and swear their allegiance to the Queen.


Attended Oxbridge Primary School, Stockton where I was greeted by the Head Teacher and her guides, I then sat in a room with the school council and their leader Lauren Amerigo. What a bright set of children on this council, again I was asked some searching and pertinent questions which showed that they were interested. Well done, I am sure they learnt a lot about the work and functions of a Mayor, and I hope they take me up on the offer of visiting the Town Hall. Thank you for the visit I enjoyed it as did the Mayoress, also a thank you to Stuart for assisting me in explaining about the Town hall and my role.



17 November 2016

I attended Levendale Primary school, Yarm, where I was introduced to and spoke to their elected School Council. I explained my role at length with the many roles I take up as well as my ambassadorial role. I was delighted by the questions that they asked me, they were very pertinent to my role and how I was elected as Mayor. I hopefully imparted some of my knowledge onto them so they can run their council in an efficient manner. Thank you for all the courtesy the school showed me and the Mayoress , and hope to visit again in the near future.



Attended full council at the Town Hall, Stockton, as there were a special agenda items, no problems and the meeting went smoothly. I reminded councillors to vote for Stockton in our bid to make our High Street number one in the national vote for best improved High Street.


18 November 2016

Attended the Lord Lieutenants Sue Snowdens home in Co Durham, we mixed with the local farmers and dignitaries of the area, again I must have been hoarse telling everyone to come and visit Stockton! We have a really good night exchanging views and stories with everyone.


19 November 2016

Attended the Butterwick Blitz Ball at Hardwick hall, this was in aid of the Butterwick Hospice Charity which is one of my Mayoral Charities, and was themed on a bomb shelter during the blitz in the First World War, they had model aeroplanes flying around the room. We were then treated to some wartime music by a lady singing Vera Lynn songs, and then we had a meal.

We were again treated to some more singing with raffle and silent auctions, before I pulled the raffle tickets I made an impromptu speech on the virtues of visiting Stockton and the fact that we were in the final three for the most improved High street which got a round of applause. We then had the singing of Daniel Johnson who came 4th in the X factor 2009; all in all we had an excellent night, thank you to the Butterwick for their hospitality and especially to Graham Leggatt-Chidley. If you want to and you really should get in contact to help or fund the Butterwick please contact ;-