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Week Commencing 23 May 2016

24 May 2016


Attended the Queens Garden Party at Buckingham Palace, it was a great honour to represent Stockton at this event, the sun shone but there was a cold wind. There were about 3000 people there and the Mayoress managed to shake hands and speak briefly to Duchess of Wessex (she now wears a glove on that hand). A memorable day which will remain with us. Whilst we were on the train at Kings Cross the driver announced that everyone who were not travelling on the train should leave as we were about to set off. It was as we set off I hear someone shouting “ Oh No“, it was two people who had got on the train to see off a relative but had not got off in time. They were running up and down the carriage wanting someone to stop the train, instead they travelled to Peterborough and had to get off and get the next train to Kings Cross (an expensive lapse of concentration )


26 May 2016


Attended the installation of the newly appointed Mayor of Hartlepool, Councillor Rob Cook, it was sad to see the previous Mayor Mary Fleet leave as she has also retired as a Councillor. Good Luck to Rob in his Mayoral year and to Mary in her retirement.


27 May 2016


Attended School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health ceremony for the departing year 2 medicine students at Queens Campus, Durham University at Teesside . It was great to see so many students studying as doctors and Pharmacists going onto the 2nd phase of their studies.


Attended the School of Medicine Pharmacy and Health end of year event in the marquee Wynyard Hall. Thank you to Dr Simon Forrest and his wife for looking after us, as the event involved a Ceilidh you can imagine there was a lot of energetic dancing/enthusiastic and impromptu interpretations of dance. We managed to one dance but it all got a bit hectic at stages, I would have hated to have swung around and caused an injury with my chains.

I think everyone will agree it was a great night possibly a few sore heads.


29 May 2016


Attended the Richmond Meet, Town Hall, Richmond. We and other dignitaries met at the Town Hall and marched down hill to the St Marys church for a service commemorating the Meet. What goes down must come up and after leaving the church we walked UP to the Town Hall again for a reception, we managed the steep walk back especially as the Mayoress is still suffering over a year on from the double fracture of her ankle.

The meet actually is in dedication of cycling in the area so this gave me an opportunity to hand out informational cards to everyone about the Stockton Cycle Festival from 23rd to 25th June inclusive, explaining what a fantastic event it will be.

Thank you to the Richmond Meet President for their invitation and hospitality.