Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Big plans, bright future

Week Commencing 12 March 2018

Tuesday 13 March 2018

Hosted students from Stockton Riverside College at the Town Hall in Stockton

At the request of Stockton Riverside College we received one group of their students with learning disabilities and special Educational Needs to look around the Town Hall and learn about its history and to know more about the Mayoral role and our duties.

It was a pleasure to receive these special students who were enthusiastic and excited to visit the Town House; they asked a number of important questions about the town’s history and Mayors responsibilities. We talked about the days when we developed our railway heritage and the birth of the Stockton and Darlington first passenger railway in 1825, from the days when we had a castle and the development of our major ship building on the river, to the invention of the friction match by G. Walker, to Thomas Sheraton’s furniture design. We explained the reasons behind the wearing of the ceremonial chains and identified each insignia attached to them. The students were captivated by the stories on the town’s history and thoroughly enjoyed the tour around the different rooms in the building showing them photographs of HMS the Queen when she last visited Stockton and opened the Tees Barrage and Watersports Project some 6 years ago.

At the end of the tour the students, carers and teachers thanked us for a great tour and appreciated the time, patience and support given to them during the morning session.

It was our pleasure.

On the afternoon, we received the second group of students from the Stockton Riverside College with learning difficulties and special needs, to look around the Town House and learn about its history and know more about the Mayoral role and duties.

Again like the morning session we were greeted with enthusiasm and excitement by the students and again they said they had a great day visiting the Town House and wished that they could come back again on another day, if only to see more of the cells in the basement.

We were delighted to meet the students and take part in their day’s activities.


Attended the Lord Lieutenant of County Durham Certificates of Good Service at The Army reserve Centre, Norton, Stockton


Sergeant Instructor D. Roberts, Durham Army Cadet Force



Able Cadet Chloe Coulson, Sea Cadet Corps. (L/L appointed)

At the request of Lieutenant Colonel J I Clyde, Deputy Chief Executive of the Reserve Forces and Cadets Association for the North of England we were invited to the Army Reserve Centre in Norton, Stockton on Tees. This was for the presentation of Certificates and Awards by Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of County Durham Mrs Sue Snowdon.

The Lord Lieutenants of the four counties in the Association area present Certificates annually for good service to officers and members of independent and Specialist Units of the Reserve Forces and to adults of the Sea Cadets Corps, Army Cadet Force and Air Training Corps. Those nominated must have at least seven years outstanding service on the day the recommendations are made.

Being escorted by Major Simon Kendal, the Lord Lieutenant Sue Snowdon was invited to inspect the Guard of Honour, after which she presented the awards for:

  • Recipients of her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant’s Certificates for Meritorious Service for 2017
  • Presentation of the Imperial Service Medal
  • Presentation of Army Cadet Force Master Cadet Proficiency Certificates
  • Presentation of Army Cadet Force Four Star Cadet Proficiency Certificates (Cleveland and Durham)
  • Presentation of BTEC Diplomas in Public Service
  • Appointment of Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant’s Cadets for 2018

 The Lord-Lieutenant of Durham, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear and North Yorkshire have approved the appointment of Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadets to represent their Cadet Force and assist with Royal and other official duties for one year. One or two Cadets are selected from each of the three Cadet Forces in the County – the Sea Cadet Corps, the Army Cadet Corps and the Air Cadets – depending on the anticipated number of duties.

The Cadets have been chosen by virtue of their outstanding performance as a cadet, personal qualities and contribution to their local communities and the aims and spirit of their respective Cadet Force.


Lord Lieutenant of Durham, Sue Snowden inspecting the Cadet Force


Cadet Flight Sergeant Sarah Rowell, No 234 (City of Durham) Squadron (L/L appointed)



Laraine wanting to join the Army


At the end of the ceremony, guests and recipients were invited to join the Lord-Lieutenant Sue Snowdon in the Officers Mess and Junior Ranks Club for a buffet. It was heart-warming to note that the recipients of certificates and awards went to deserving members of the Reserve Forces in Sea Cadet Corps, Army Cadet Corps and Air Training Corps and it was well done to them all.


With Mary Cartwright Mayor of Peterlee and Cadet Officer Escort


Wednesday 14 March 2018

Hosted the Citizenship Ceremony at the Town Hall, High Street, Stockton

Once again we had the pleasure to welcome people from different parts of the world for this important ceremony. We also had the pleasure of the company of Deputy Lord Lieutenant Mark Wright who also presided over proceedings.

This month there were 2 guests who took part in the ceremony and swore the oath to our Queen and Country and became British Citizens. The two delegates both came from India.


Chaired the meeting of Special Council at the Town Hall, High Street, Stockton

Members had received a report asking Council to give consideration to the posthumous appointment of Honorary Alderman to Peter Mallinson in accordance with the Local Government Act. The recommendations were agreed and Elsie Mallinson and Guests will be invited to attend a future meeting of Council to participate in a ceremony during which the title will be conferred.


Chaired the meeting of Full Council at the Town Hall, High Street, Stockton

Minutes of the meeting held on 31st January were agreed and accepted. There was one Public Question relating to Hilton Hotel which was answered by the Leader of the Council.

There were three recommendations:- The Council Plan 2018-21, Stockton on Tees Local Safeguarding Children Board Annual Report 2016/2017, and Teeswide Safeguarding Adults Board – Annual Report 2016-17. These recommendations were agreed and accepted by members.

All amendments to committees for 2017/19 were agreed and accepted.

Three motions were introduced and accepted by members.

There was one Members Question raised and responded by the Leader of the Council.

The Forward Plan and Leaders Statement were delivered by the Leader of the Council.

As this was my last time to chair full council as Mayor in the Chambers, I thanked all the members for giving me the privilege of presiding over the meetings; it had been a pleasure and an honour to do so. Also thanks go to Democratic Services and our Legal Team for their cooperation, guidance and knowledge, making the meetings more easily passible.


Thursday 15 March 2018

Progress tour of the Globe Theatre, High Street, Stockton


The Globe under reconstruction

Visited the Globe Theatre in Stockton during its reconstruction to see the progress being made and visualise what the Art Deco building will look like when the development is finalised in 2019. Stockton Council is to spend approximately £10.5m with a National Lottery Grant of £4.5m restoring the theatre to its former glory. It is anticipated that the new Globe will generate somewhere in the region of £18m per annum for the town, crating over 250 jobs.

The Globe was built in 1913 with a capacity of just over 2370 seats and regularly hosted stage shows with national companies and provided the first Talkies in the area; it became a cinema before the Second World War including live performances with pantomimes and different variety shows.

During the 50’s to 70’s famous bands played at the Globe such as The Dave Clark Five, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, Gerry and The Pacemakers, The Beatles, Dave Berry, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, and many more. Cliff Richard and the Shadows played at the Globe quite a few times – but can you remember them writing and playing ‘The Stars Fell on Stockton’ whilst playing pantomime before they made the movie ‘Summer Holiday’?

In the days of yesteryear I remember vividly being entertained by The Rolling Stones, Roy Orbison, Lonnie Donegan, Jess Conrad, and our very own The Blue Caps. Laraine, the Mayoress, saw Dave Berry and The Beatles on Friday the 22 November 1963, that fatal day when President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. She recalls there was a lot of noise and excitement during the Beatles performance and not a note to be heard. But fortunately her dad bought her the LP for Christmas as recompense.


With the construction team ready to perform

International live entertainment operator – The Ambassador Theatre Group who are managing the Globe - are leaders in live theatre and music with nearly 50 venues in Britain, the USA and Australia. Once the Globe is restored back to its former glory and when the theatre opens its doors in 2019 it will be as a national renowned 3000 capacity live entertainment venue. Wow, that is tremendous.

It was a pleasure to see what was developing and to walk in the shadows of past greats of entertainment through the corridors of the Globe Theatre.

We all wish the Globe Theatre the best for the future giving back its past glory for the new performers to come along and entertain us once again with world class names from today’s music and comedy.



This steel girder was made at good old Dorman Long


My tour guides


That’s where the Beatles used to play


Progress tour of the Hampton by Hilton Hotel, Church Road, Stockton


The new Hilton Hotel under construction

After visiting the redevelopment of the Globe Theatre we walked a short distance to visit the new construction of the 125-bed Hampton by Hilton hotel being established in the vicinity of Stockton Town Centre, to gather an understanding on how the former Dairy site in Bishop Street was being transformed.

Stockton Borough Council decided to invest in another exciting project which sees the building on the successes that have already been seen and that benefit both businesses and residents. It is fantastic that we have attracted such a prestigious global name such as Hilton as we know there is an incredible demand for a hotel of this nature. There is already a growing demand for corporate overnight stays with midweek occupancy at 95 per cent in hotels across the Tees Valley and there is a shortage of international branded hotels. Similar business models are in place elsewhere in the UK and are proving to be very successful.

Meanwhile Stockton Town Centre is attracting visitors with all manner of interests ranging from shopping and leisure to business and heritage. The up-coming restoration of the Globe Theatre and the expansion of the Georgian Theatre are set to compliment the popular programme of activities and entertainment offered by ARC and encourages even more people to visit Stockton.

A great deal has already been achieved in and around Stockton and the arrival of a well-known international hotel will be a valuable asset to the development of the area. The hotel will compliment both the commercial buildings and the significant residential community already being delivered, further supporting the wider visitor economy in the town.


That’s what it’s going to be like when it’s built


Ready to tackle the first floor


I see no ships only……………………ships


Imagine the views from the rooms. on a clear day you can see Roseberry Topping


We’re at the first floor level and the cladding will be going on soon

Making swift progress, in only a few months, piling complete, base and first floor steelwork erected and ready for the first phase cladding to be installed. In no time at all we shall have our first guests arriving to visit the area. Looking forward to the completion of the hotel.


Attended the Mayor of Newcastle Charity Afternoon Tea at the Silver Gallery, Lord Mayors Chambers, Civic Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne


The Silver Gallery Newcastle Civic Centre

At the request of the Lord Mayor of Newcastle upon Tyne, Councillor Linda Wright, we were invited to an Afternoon Tea in support of the Mayors chosen Charities. With other civic guests, from Sunderland, South Tyneside, Berwick, Wooler, Gateshead, and Newcastle we toured around the Silver Gallery prior to sitting down to the afternoon tea.

Linda went on to explain the Newcastle’s Mayoral role to us. The Lord Mayor is elected by the full Council at its annual meeting in May. While there is an election, it is customary for the honour to be bestowed upon the most senior member of the ruling group, who has not previously held the post. The Lord Mayor is assisted by a deputy, the Sheriff, who usually succeeds to Lord Mayor the following year. The term lasts for one year.

The Lord Mayor of the City of Newcastle upon Tyne is the first citizen of the City and speaks as such on behalf of the City and its community. Within the City boundaries only the monarch of the United Kingdom has precedence over the Lord Mayor!

The job of the Lord Mayor is largely ceremonial. He or she chairs meetings of the City Council, and also plays a diplomatic role, offering an official welcome to visitors to the City. The Lord Mayor promotes the City by forging links with business and commerce, attending events organised by local and regional societies and professional organisations, and attending official openings and presentations.


What hat is that?



Silverware of Newcastle’s history


The cap that Laraine is pointing at is, The Cap of Maintenance, made of grey squirrel fur and crimson velvet, originally having long gold cords and tassels. This is the official head-gear of the Sword-bearer and is of the same type as that worn in the time of Richard II, when the privilege of having a sword borne before the Mayor was conferred on Newcastle by letters patent in 1391. During collection of taxes it said that all monies were placed in the top of the hat for security.

We thoroughly enjoyed this event, listening to the history of Newcastle and seeing the sliver artifacts displayed in the glass cases which were forged from the past. We wished the Mayor and Consort their best of health for the future and the drive and passion to deliver for their charities.



The Mayors Parlour


Cream Tea served in the Silver Gallery


Attended The Durham High Sheriff Youth Awards Scheme 2018 at Wynyard Hall, Wynyard. Stockton


With the Mayors and consorts of Darlington, Durham and Barnard Castle

Attended the Durham High Sheriff Youth Awards at Wynyard Hall, Wynyard Stockton. The invitation was at the request of the High Sheriff of Durham Caroline Peacock of Bishop Auckland, to recognise Youth Community and Voluntary groups from across the region that have been nominated for a special award to celebrate their outstanding achievements.

The High Sheriff Award Scheme makes annual awards in recognition of groups in the community.

The award scheme has been running for over 20 years in partnership with the High Sheriff, formally known as the Shrievalty awards. County Durham Community Foundation with the support of Sir James Knott Trust provides grants that make a genuine difference to the lives of local people. They are dedicated to helping communities and encourage useful and beneficial pursuits for young people, supporting them to be upstanding citizens, creating opportunities and tackling issues of the disadvantaged but need the support of others to continue their work with local communities and individuals around the area. 

Also in partnership are Brewin Dolphin, one of UK’s leading wealth managers, independently-owned and award winning. They offer personalised wealth management services, bespoke to meet diverse and varied individual needs. They work for individuals, charities and pension funds.

The event was also attended by a number of civic dignitaries, including the Lord Lieutenant of County Durham, Sue Snowdon, and her husband Keith, Sir Paul Nicholson; the High Sheriff of Durham for 2018-19 and many local Mayors such as the Mayor and Consort of Durham, Mayor and Consort of Darlington and the Mayor and Consort of Barnard Castle.


With the Consort and the new Fire Chief of Durham


With the team from Thrive Stockton dealing with root causes of poverty

The whole event was hosted by the journalist and broadcaster Peter Barron. The following applicants were presented with awards:

The Roll of Honour.

  1. North East Prison After Care service. Care home visits, supporting families throughout the criminal justice system.
  2. Karen Liddle School of Dance CIC. Working in low income areas, in action for over 30 years.
  3. Thrive, from Stockton. Engaged with people directly connected with poverty.
  4. Waddington Street Centre. Supporting adults with mental health problems.
  5. Durham Fire Station Young Firefighters. Providing a service to the young in learning values of the fire service.
  6. Wolsingham School Police Cadets. Supporting schools, pedestrians, educating characteristics of the cadets, looking at bullying, and training to become positive citizens.
  7. Music at the Heart of Teesdale. Working in collaboration with County Durham Services, reviving folk traditions through national songs.
  8. Durham Association Boys & Girls Clubs. Give young people their self-esteem. Produced over 50 national sporting champions in the past year.
  9. Pelton Community Association. Helping young people with low esteem, helping groups with their confidence, and helping to overcome hardships.
  10. Rocsolid Ltd Ladies in difficulties, vulnerable to drugs and sexual problems. Helping over 50 young people who were homeless.
  11. Exhibit ‘A’rt t/a Spectrum Culture Hub. Learning opportunities for special needs, viable courses of study in art.
  12. Dowdon Youth & Community Centre. Visits to Nursing Homes, aspiring youth sessions, active listening and support. Helping young children, Organisations of food banks and craft sessions.

 Well done to all winners of the Awards, truly remarkable achievements.

The High Sheriff Youth Awards encourage youthful beneficial pursuits that are deserving and a worthwhile cause, we hope that it continues for more years to come. We thanked Caroline Peacock for the invitation and the wonderful evening at Wynyard Hall, and wished her well on the future of the awards.