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Week Commencing 27 March 2017 - 5 April 2017

Tuesday 28 March 2017

Attended the Mayor of Hartlepool’s Charity Afternoon Tea at Lion’s den, Hartlepool, all proceeds are going to the Mayors charities. As there was a good turnout it is hoped he made a lot of money, and NO, I didn’t win anything on the raffle. I would like to thank the Mayor Rob Cook and his Mayoress Brenda for a splendid Tea and entertainment.


Wednesday 29 March 2017

Attended BBC Radio 2’s  Friday Night Is Music Night held at the Forum Theatre, Billingham, this was a BBC 2 recording that is due to go out in October (nothing like being prepared!), the theme for the concert was Big Band Bonanza, hosted by Joe Stilgo and featured Maggie Bell (Of Blue Mink Fame). What a fantastic night , I don’t normally like big band sound but this was beyond what I expected and gave us some old as well as new big band sounds. What a prestigious event staged by the Forum Theatre showing its endeavour to bring an eclectic mix of events for the public to see. I wish to thank the Forum Theatre for their hospitality and for an unforgettable night.


Thursday 30 March 2017


Attended the Middlesbrough Training Ground Facility at Rockcliffe Hall, Darlington. Being a Boro supporter this is such a thrill for me. What a facility, it is only one of three in the country that has a gold award for the facility and training it gives. Every aspect of the game is analysed and every part of the looking after of the players and staff is catered for even down to the cleaning and providing of kit and equipment. I would like to thank the club and staff for their hospitality which leaves only one thing to say  UTB!!


Attended the opening of Acorn House in Thornaby. This facility is a purpose built building which houses those adults with learning disabilities and gives them access to all the help they need. I met some of the residents and toured the building, what a great facility and the attention to detail and needs is fantastic. I officially opened the building and would like to thank the staff and residents for their hospitality, I am sure they will enjoy their stay here.


Friday 31 March 2017

Attended the ground breaking event at the Library, Ingleby Barwick, where the children from Myton Park school and All Saints school attended as they and myself had placed objects into a time Capsule which will go into the ground in September to commemorate to start of the Leisure Facility due to be built there! The school children put in a real mix of items that when opened up in 100 years’ time people will see some of what we use and what was happening. Things such as what cars were popular, who was famous, the technology of the time, topics of the time such as Brexit and the terrible events of Westminster Bridge, coins in use, school memorabilia, thumb print tree, etc. I placed in a copy of the Medium Term Financial Plan for 17/18, plans of the leisure facility, a mug with a photo of me on it (let’s hope it doesn’t crack) memorabilia of Stockton, etc. we managed to fill up the capsule. There is one addition I will be putting in later and that is a video of myself orating what life is like in 2017 and a message to those opening it. It is surreal to think that what we are placing in the ground not one of us will see opened, just hope the world is free from strife and everyone is living in harmony and that it is a healthier place to live. This event to me is very special and poignant as I have led on this project along with my fellow councillors for 9 years and to see the start is over whelming!!


Saturday 1 April 2017

Attended the Mayor of Hartlepool’s Choral Spectacular, held at the Borough hall, Hartlepool. The Mayor Rob Cook is a member of the Hartlepool Male Voice choir, and this is the third time we have been and have thoroughly enjoyed every time. This time we are treated to both the Male and Female choirs singing separately and then together, I would urge anyone who is remotely interested in choir singing or listening to go to their concerts they are one of the best if not the best I have heard. They have appeared at the Royal Albert Hall and are due there again next year,  in November 2018; we are going so why not join us in this spectacular. Thank you to the Mayor and Mayoress for their hospitality.


Sunday 2 April 2017

Attended the Mayor of Darlington’s Civic Service held at St Andrews Church, Sadberge. It was a good service and I knew all the songs so could belt out the words, well not exactly belt out more trying to stay in tune. We then had a reception tea in the Sadberge centre which was very nice and filling. Thanks to the Mayor of Darlington Brian Jones and Mayoress Doris for their hospitality


Tuesday 4 April 2017


Attended the Town Hall to do a guided tour for Layfield Primary, Kirklevington Primary and Levendale Primary school. I had recently visited these schools and they had requested that a tour of the Town Hall whilst I was still Mayor; I was absolutely delighted by the consideration behind this request. Myself and Stuart gave a full explanation as to the history of the Town and the Town Hall itself, its true to say that they were enthralled by what they had been told and asked some very appropriate questions. It was an absolute delight to talk to such attentive children.



Attended the Darlington Operatic Society’s performance of West Side Story held in Yarm School. It’s easy to see why this venue is getting more and more popular, it has great acoustics and fantastic features. I was absolutely blown away by the acting and singing of all the performers in particular the starring actors; it was professionally managed and was assisted by exquisite music by the orchestra. It was a great night and I would like to thank the cast and contributors to the performance for the experience and hospitality shown by the Society and Yarm School to us.


Wednesday 5 April 2017

Well what can I say, the day has arrived that I have dreaded and that is giving up my Role as Mayor after a year in which I can honestly say will stop in my memory and heart. I have met so many nice and inspiring people both young and old alike. People who have given their time and energy to ensure others benefit, I have seen so much genuine feeling of compassion and of proudness. I have visited places I would never have dreamed of , met people in all walks of life, I have made friends and acquaintances for life, seen the birth of new and improved businesses . I have been to a lot of functions where I have met other dignitaries from all over and bored them with my constant lectures on the virtues of Stockton, why I am proud to represent our area. I wanted to visit and attend everything I could, I visited all the SBC offices and buildings and asked to go to as many schools as I could as I wanted to tell the pupils that yes I am the First Citizen of the Borough but I represent them and wanted to show that I am human, what fantastic experience and feedback. The list is endless from celebrating Queens birthday, the unveiling of Automaton (Stockton Flyer) , World War 1 commemoration of which I was particularly proud to be part of because of my Grandfather being killed in action in that war!

The Carol concert which was absolutely beautiful with all the schools contributing with great carol renditions, being able to present Shane Tunney’s parents and friends with the Carnegie Bravery Award for his selfless act of bravery by giving his life to try and save his friend. Wow, I could go on but I really wanted to thank Michelle, Margaret and all the rest of the members of democratic services for their enormous help, the Mayors attendants John, Brain sorry Brian! And Kevin along with other teams from Events, Media, and everyone really who supported me throughout my year. Of course I cannot say how proud I am of my wife and Mayoress Linda for the dedication she has shown to help me during my Mayorship, also for the help from my fellow IBIS councillors who have covered for me on my committee duties. I am asked what my best memory is and I can honestly say that every minute spent doing my duty as your Mayor has been special and will remain with me in my heart for the rest of my days.  I raised over £26,000 for my charities of Butterwick Hospice, Bowel Cancer UK and Meningitis Now, as well as £ 1,000 split between 4 local charities and over £2,000 for the armed services. So it is with a heavy heart I will sign off as mayor and again thank everyone for a fantastic year.

Oh nearly forgot like every show people finish up trying to sell you a DVD but mine is free all you have to do is go to  and look at my video its only short go on you know you want to !!



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