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Week Commencing 20 March 2017

Monday 20 March 2017

Attended Stockton Division Guides Annual General meeting, at Thornton Hall, Norton. They went through the agenda with talks from Guides that had attended camps in locations abroad.

It’s great to see young members taking part and I was informed that the Guide movement in Stockton is growing which is pleasing because it, along with the Scouts, Boys Brigade and other youth organisations, help young people with personal skills and build up confidence. I would like to thank the Guides for their hospitality and a pleasant evening.


Tuesday 21 March 2017

Attended the Stockton Central Library for the Children’s Book of the Year Award. It was pleasing to see so many children attend and I gave out certificates to a great number of them for achievements attained, I have attended this event on numerous occasions and it never ceases to amaze me how interested they are in reading the books on offer and giving constructive comments. In the end it came to announcing the winner which I got wrong I thought it said La La Land but the actual winner was Tasmin Cooke for The Scarlet Files: Cat Burglar. Congratulations to all who entered and to the children and organisers for putting on this great event.


Wednesday 22 March 2017

I attended the Baptist Tabernacle, Stockton, for the Good Citizen Awards event, this event was in recognition of all the hard work and selfless voluntary acts that these people had done without seeking any reward. We felt that because the standard was so high from all the entrants to the Civic Awards and that it was difficult to pick out finalists never mind winners, that we had to officially recognise everyone’s contributions. It was a great honour to give out these awards to so many lovely and dedicated people. There were seven categories ranging from individuals to groups awarded, I wish to thank each and every one of them for their contribution and wish them well in the future.


Foster Award



Green Award



Service to the Community Business Award



Service to the Community Groups & Organisations Award



Service to the Community Individuals Award



 Service to the Community Young Person Award



Health & Wellbeing Award


Thursday 23 March 2017

Attended the unveiling of the ceremonial boundary sign on 1825 Jubilee bridge that commemorates the historical boundary of Yorkshire, there were a crowd of people there to witness this event and show how proud they are of their heritage. I then attended the opposite side of the 1825 where I unveiled the historical boundary sign for Durham, it was good to see that the council was able to define these historical boundaries. I have to admit it was absolutely freezing; I was the only one wearing just the suit the rest came prepared with Fluorescent padded jackets.


Friday 24 March 2017

Attended the Stadium of Light to attend the Mayor of Sunderland Charity Civic Dinner, we had a lovely dinner and had good entertainment in the shape of a comedian who surprisingly made me laugh. I would like to thank the Mayor Alan Emerson for his hospitality with all funds going to his charities, St Benedict’s Hospice, Sunderland Headlight and Diabetes UK. I did meet Jim Montgomery who I saw at Wembley in the 1973 Leeds / Sunderland cup final, I must have been the only Boro fan at that match.


Saturday 25 March 2017

Attended the Shine Music Festival held in the Princess Alexandra Auditorium, Yarm School. The event was organised by Rebecca Johnson and is an inaugural music festival giving a chance to all young musicians from across the Tees Valley area to come together and perform in a friendly competition, this is basically a four-day event where all types of musical instruments and singers have got together to show how competent they are. What a fantastic array of instruments: cellos, violins, pianos, trombone, steel band, recorders, harp, singers, etc., all fantastically well played, with youngsters of all ages taking part, they were all a credit not only to themselves but to their tutors. I really enjoyed the evening and thank Rebecca for inviting me.