Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

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Week Commencing 20 June 2016

20 June 2016

AM Attended town hall to host the raising of the Armed forces Flag raising ceremony, I addressed the people and armed forces present along with Coronel Heron




PM Attended the Festival of Learning, Adult Learning Celebration at Preston Hall. Gave out prizes and certificates to adult learners who have taken courses of their own volition showing endeavour and commitment (there were some tears as learners were obviously overwhelmed at being picked out as achievers). The Tutors were also commended and praised for their work, going beyond their remit.


21 June 2016

AM Attended Tees Valley Schools Games at the Middlesbrough Sports Village, there were teams of all ages from Stockton Central, Stockton Northfield, Middlesbrough, Cleveland, Redcar, Eston and Darlington. The sports included Table Tennis, Tennis, Cycling and Athletics (including Long Jump, Standing Triple Jump, Howler thrower and chest push). Had a fantastic day watching able and disabled children trying their best to complete to the best of their ability.


PM Attended Stockton Riverside College at the end of year Art Design and Fashion exhibition, it was great to see the various and numerous craft and art stalls all created by the students. We were then treated to a fashion show, bearing in mind I come from the decade where hippy and flower power was at its peak I don’t think I can comment on designs. However I was blown away by the fantastic designs, make up and presentation of the show, I would say that if they were in a prestigious place such as Royal Ascot they would have shown the majority of the expensive designs on show there. Well done to all involved.


22 June 2016

AM Attended Mayoress at home in South Tyneside, met other dignitaries from the Durham area had a good chat about what is happening over the coming months at Stockton.


PMAttended Summer Evening at the High Sherriff of North Yorkshire base in Thirsk. Met quite a few people from the North Yorkshire area, such as the Mayors of Borough Bridge and Ripon, again was able to enlighten them about events in the Stockton area.


23 June 2016

AM Attended Eston Leisure Centre and attended the final event of the Tees Valley School Games celebration. Again there were schools from across the region there and some really innovative games devised for the disabled children, the games for the children were fiercely contested with everyone trying their best. It was a hot day which you could see the children enjoyed and I had a great time (just watching was enough)


PM Attended British Cycling championship in High Street, Stockton, what a well-attended and professionally arranged and supervised event. It was a hot day however the women cyclist taking part in the Speed Time Trial event seemed to take it in their stride, the speeds they were attaining were to me phenomenal. I presented the prizes to the first 3 ladies, first Emma Simmonds, second Claire Rose, third Dame Sarah Storey. Well Done Ladies!!

The result of the Men’s Time Trial was first Alex Dowsett, second James Gullen, third Ryan Perry. Congratulations to all involved in the first day, it sets up the next few days nicely.


24 June 2016

Attended St Marks Primary School, Elm Tree to open a garden that had been possible by the endeavours of a group of parents’ the Grow Outdoor Team. They have been fundraising for over two years and secured over £12,000, the garden was a well thought out recreational area enabling the children a safe environment to play and enjoy the pleasures of a garden setting in a school area. Well done to all involved.


26 June 2016

AM Attended the British National Cycling festival on the High street, after Thursday’s events with the festival I was really looking forward to these events. I started the Ladies event which was a road race 106 kms long and had some of the big names in women’s cycling. The crowds began to multiply as the race wore on and with the weather being sunny and warm it enticed a bumper sized turnout. The finish was very close given the distance these ladies had cycled; the race was won by Hannah Barnes. There were a large amount of stands and cycling experiences for people of all ages to enjoy with innovative Cycles for youngsters, designed to provide fun as well as a high banked velodrome track.

A fantastic day which was helped by excellent and professional planning, stewardship, volunteers, participants and attendance of a very appreciative crowd. The feedback from the cyclists who took part, the cycle teams, stall holders and spectators were glowing in their praise of the event and organisation. This has put Stockton on the map as a go to place for events such as this, WELL DONE I am extremely proud to be Mayor of such a fantastic forward looking and vibrant town.


PM Attended Durham Cathedral for Evening Song dedicated to the new Worshipful Mayor of Durham Councillor Edward Bell, after the service we walked in procession to the guild hall.