Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

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Week Commencing 11 July 2016

11 July 2016


Attended St Patricks Primary School, Fairfield , where I handed out their annual prizes, I then did a tour of the class rooms and spoke to the children who asked me questions, generally about the weight of the chain, what a Mayor did etc., however I got a couple of intriguing questions!

Are you Rich? -  Answer The chain is not mine it belongs to the people of Stockton.

Do you know my Dad? - Answer, I don’t know what do they call your Dad he gave me his name - sorry I don’t!

How does a computer work? Stunned silence - Answer I don’t know ask your teacher? blank looks all round (priceless).

Really enjoyed talking to the children.


Attended the ARC, Stockton, where a group of young people with learning disabilities and difficulties have just finished a year creative course at the ARC. 45 Days to Find My Way was commissioned by Steps, and we were treated to a mixture of movement, poetry, dance, song and an easily distracted orchestra. A thoroughly entertaining afternoon and we were impressed by the commitment shown in each activity.


13 July 2016


Attended monthly Citizenship Ceremony in the Registry Office, Stockton. There were 8 people of various countries such as America and Sierra Leone. All pledged their allegiance to our country and Queen.


Attended the Great Yorkshire Show Ground, Harrogate, to witness the Beating of The Retreat, to mark the 10th Anniversary of the formation of the Yorkshire Regiment.


14 July 2016

Attended the Private viewing of the ‘Spence – The Art of War’ exhibition held in Preston Park Museum. This was a collection of artwork of Colonel G.O. Spence of the 5th Durham Light Infantry during the 1st World War. What a collection they have been framed to the highest standard and honestly look as if they have just been painted recently let alone 100 years ago, they capture some of the life of the troops during the conflict, truly captivating and well worth a visit.


15 July 2016

Attended Wynyard Golf Course to start the golf day off, there were 39 teams entered and all contributions are going to the Mayors Charities, I went off at 11.20 in good but cloudy weather and of course knowing my luck it started to pour down with rain at the 11th, I got absolutely soaked and I mean soaked (well that’s my excuse for a deterioration in my play). The sun came out when we were on the last (typical)!

Speaking to everyone who took part they enjoyed the day.

I must say a huge thank you to Jas the CEOs p.a. she has been organising this for the last 6 months or so and getting everyone to dig deep into their pockets, also a huge thank you to Wynyard Golf Club for allowing us the use of their course and facilities.

Note To Self…….. Must get more golf in (if I can).


16 July 2016

Attended the Mayoress at Home event in the Town Hall, Stockton , This was well attended by dignitaries from all over the area, they were treated to a tour of the Town Hall with the history given my Mayors attendant Kevin, they had tea and cake with a raffle and then out to watch the Automaton. It’s fair to say that they all enjoyed the tour and were captivated by the Automaton. We then had two further tours by the public who were again treated to the tea and sandwiches and again judging by the feedback the tours were a great success, each stating how interesting and informative the tour was and that they never dreamed that there was such history in Stockton, thanks to Stuart for the history and Michelle for making sure everything went according to plan.



The Chain Gang




Visitors on tour of the Town Hall


Presenting Mayors Charities, Meningitis Now and Bowel Cancer UK




The Automaton


17 July 2016

Attended the Institution and Installation of the Venerable Andrew Tremlett as Dean of Durham Cathedral, it was a very ceremonial affair and one that doesn’t come around that often, so it was a privilege to witness.