Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

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Week Commencing 29 August 2016

30 August 2016

Attended The Riverside Stadium to look around the MFC football stadium at the request of Helena and Mark who are responsible for the tremendous work carried out by the MFC Foundation Trust. They engaged with over a staggering 35,000 people across the Tees Valley ,ranging from enterprise education lessons, girls football clubs, deprived parts of Middlesbrough, disability teams and a lot more besides, this is a side of the club that a lot of people don’t see or appreciate. It’s amazing how much work has been carried out over the closed season to get the Stadium up to standard for the Premiership season, again the fans will only see the external works but the interior has been revamped to accommodate all the media that being in the spotlight entails. I will be in touch with Helena and Mark as they are interested in helping with my Mayor charity for Bowel cancer and I am extremely grateful for their assistance. UTB! Thank you again for a chance to look around this fantastic facility.

For any details of how you can get in touch to help the foundation please contact; [email protected]


2 September 2016

Attended The Mayor of Sunderland’s ‘Fly the Red Ensign for the Merchant Navy Day’ at the Civic Centre. This is to commemorate the men and women who served our country so heroically during two world wars, this was poignant because two of my late uncles served in the merchant navy and told us of horrific sights and battles they encountered.


3 September 2016


Attended the Peterlee show, Peterlee at the invitation of the Mayor. It was such a shame that it began to rain and then heavier but, give them their dues the Band and various acts continued on stage. Visited various marquees where we saw local skills and crafts being displayed along with the produce show. I have never seen such large onions, carrots, leeks and a host more, stunning flowers and displays, at this stage I was starting to get pain in my side at the sight of my operation.


Attended Newham Grange Park where I met Jess Naylor for the ’Butterwick Blooms’ event, Butterwick Hospice is one of my three charities and this event was the presentation of specially designed and made flowers to people who had subscribed to them in memory of a loved one that had been cared for by the hospice. Again it was absolutely pouring down but Sylvia and other helpers ignored the soaking they were getting to hand and help me present the flowers, there were some really emotive stories showing what a special place we have in the Butterwick in our hours of need. My pain was eclipsed by the people I met and spoke to.

They are already working on next year’s event and want it even bigger and better so for more information please contact;