Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Big plans, bright future

Week Commencing 22 August 2016

24 August 2016

I attended Stockton where I did a tour of the outlying offices visiting, Cowpen Depot, Billingham.

  • Kingsway House, Billingham
  • Queensway House, Billingham
  • Security Centre in Stockton
  • Nightingale House

It was a pleasure to visit and talk to the staff in those areas who work hard and help Stockton to be one of the top authorities in England.


25 August 2016

I attended more of the offices of the authority;-

  • Municipal buildings offices
  • Church Road, offices
  • Bayheath House
  • Sedgefield Way
  • Yarm Road Depot

Again speaking to staff I was impressed with their dedication to the authority. Thank you to all the departments I visited for making me feel welcome.


28 August 2016


Attended the summer show at Preston Park, the weather was overcast after a nights rain, this impacted on the numbers that attended in the early stages. This is a shame because a lot of work has been put in by organisers, officers, volunteers, show people and stall holders, I hope the weather improves.


Attended the One Big Family Picnic held in Trinity Gardens, Stockton. This is to celebrate families and community with three aims;

  1. Related to lives of children
  2. Encourage people in considering adoption/fostering
  3. Reflecting on symbolizing the children of the looked after children of the 1245 sunflower soldiers of First Word War

Thank you to Mike McGrother and his volunteers for the invite. Again it would appear that the weather conditions had kept some people away but knowing Mike it will be a fantastic evening of entertainment.


Attended the Tall Ships Rally at Blyth where we were invited on board the ‘Christian Radich’ what a fantastic sight with all these tall ships at anchor in the harbour, it was a privilege to board such a magnificent ship and look around. Thank you to the Captain for our invite we had a great time.