Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Big plans, bright future

Week Commencing 4 April 2016

Hi everyone my name is Ken (Kenneth) Dixon I live with my wife Linda in Ingleby Barwick. I have four Children, four grandchildren and one Great Grandson. My interests are Golf ,Travel, Family and of course an ardent BORO supporter!

I am really honoured to become the Mayor of Stockton and have promised to uphold my commitment to work hard for the people and residents of the Stockton area, anyone who knows me will tell you I do not take my responsibilities lightly.

I am committed to three charities, firstly the Butterwick Trust, I was absolutely astounded the commitment and dedication shown by the late Mary Butterwick in setting up this trust and the sheer hard work by the staff and officers in easing peoples lives in their hour of need.

Secondly is Meningitus Now, this disease has a profound effect on peoples lives when it strikes, sometimes bringing life changing and horrific and life changing injuries. We need to get across the signs and symptoms to prevent these tragic injuries and loss of life.

Thirdly Bowel Cancer UK, This cancer is the second most prolific cancer and can be prevented at early diagnosis, I personally know of two close family that have died from this disease, a friend caught the disease early and after surgery and Chemo therapy was cured however another close friend had to have his bowel removed but after extensive surgery and chemotherapy is making good progress. I cannot omit the tragic death of Alistair Brownlee at the age of 56 who died as a result of this terrible disease, it goes without speaking that since announcing this as one of my charities I have had a lot of people relating to me the fact that they or people they know have or are suffering from this disease .Ideally I would love to help set up a Bowel Cancer Trust in the North East area so they can spread the word. Yes I am collecting on behalf of these charities but the main purpose is to ensure that we get the message out there that if in doubt of any of the symptoms SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE.

I thoroughly enjoyed my inauguration day and was overwhelmed by the support shown by my fellow councillors, officers and family in nominating and electing me to this key role within the Stockton Council.


Thursday, 7 April 2016

Attended formal event at Durham University Stockton Campus, and we pledged our commitment to supporting the University over the coming years and maintain the excellent joint partnership working.


Friday, 8 April 2016

Attended Lord Mayor of Newcastle’s celebration of 800 years of Mayoralty in Newcastle, stunning history and architectural legacy’s.