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Naming ceremonies


A naming ceremony is a special occasion designed to celebrate the name you have chosen for your child however old they are.

It provides an alternative to a religious christening or baptism. Although there is no legal status to the ceremony, they are no less important for all those involved. Each individual ceremony is unique, offering the flexibility to meet the needs and wishes of each family.

Naming ceremonies can also celebrate or welcome adoptive children and step-children into a new, extended family or relationship.

Each child receives a commemorative certificate following the naming ceremony.

The ceremony includes:

  • Welcoming the child into the family
  • Naming of the child
  • Parents and Supporting Adult promises for the child
  • Other adults and/or grandparents promises (optional)
  • Readings (optional)
  • Conclusion of the ceremony


Arrange a naming ceremony

If you are the parent of the child or have parental responsibility, then you can arrange a naming ceremony by contacting the Register Office. You do not need to live in the area where you want to hold your ceremony.

Please see our fees for venues and celebratory ceremonies.