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Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Big plans, bright future



What will the crematorium look like?

Planning permission has been granted for a single-storey, state-of-the-art crematorium with two chapels surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens of remembrance. You can view artists' impressions of the building, and a site plan.

When will the construction work start and finish?

You may have seen that highways work has already started on the access point to the site off Junction Road. The main contractor for the build will be starting on site in summer 2018 with the aim of finishing construction in summer 2019.

When will the Crematorium be open and operational?

We aim to be open and operational by the summer 2019.

What pollution will come out of the crematorium?

Will there be smoke or smells? Modern cremators are governed by environmental protection legislation and now have to have sophisticated pollution abatement systems which ensure there will be no smoke or smell associated with the crematorium.

Current crematoria have to comply with the latest environmental legislation and EU requirements. In addition, every crematorium has to be licenced to operate by the local environmental authority. The licence is renewed annually and environmental health officers periodically inspect the cremation process as part of their regulatory responsibility.

Will the facility create a lot of noise?

This has been taken into account in the design and location on site of the building but in fact the noise level will be very low.

What will be the impact on traffic on Junction Road?

The current highways works are the first phase of the construction of the entrance way for the crematorium works. During the entrance work period, the footpath will be closed and pedestrian diversions will be in place. When required, two way temporary signals will be in operation from 9.30am until 3.30pm. This first phase is scheduled to complete by the end of May.

During the main building works, the main contractor will avoid peak-time material deliveries and ensure all off-loading of deliveries will occur within the site perimeter in order to minimise any potential disruption to traffic on Junction Road.

On completion of the works, to assist in maintaining consistency of traffic flow, the vehicular access and egress to the crematorium will operate via an on-demand traffic signal arrangement. In addition, the removal of the existing toucan crossing to the east of the site will reduce the number of stop / start movements on Junction Road, maintaining capacity of the highway.

What parking provision will there be on the site?

This will be provided within the grounds of the crematorium. We will have extensive surfaced car park servicing the site. In addition coach, bicycle and over flow parking will be provided.

Will there be burial ground/a Cemetery on the site?

No this site will not be used for full burials due to ground constraints. There is an ongoing assessment for suitable alternative cemetery locations.

What memorial facilities will be available at the crematorium?

The crematorium will have landscaped memorial gardens offering a range of options for memorialisation that will include, but is not limited to, a Book of Remembrance, a scattering garden, a memorial wall and an option for interring cremated remains.

What will be the hours of operation when the Crematorium opens?

Provisionally it is intended that funerals will be able to be booked at hourly intervals between the hours of 9am and 3.30pm weekdays, with limited provision on a Saturday morning. Services in one chapel starting on the hour and services in the second chapel starting on the half hour.

Will the site have security?

The site will be fenced off with gates at the entrance and CCTV cameras will cover both the buildings and memorial grounds.