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Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

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Births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships


The Register Office is home to both the Registration Service and Bereavement Services.

We hold records for births, deaths, and marriages dating back to 1837, civil partnerships dating back to 2005 and burial records for Stockton Borough's five cemeteries starting from 1869.


Searching for a record

The records we hold were previously accessed through Stockton Roots which has now been re-launched. The records are still there to access, however, improvement work continues to further enhance and develop this service for you. 

Read more about how to obtain a certificate.


Registration Services

The Registration team provides a range of services and ceremonies, including:


Registration Services - Fees and Charges

For information in relation to fees and charges for Registration Services please see the information below:

Table of Fees (1st April 2019 - 31st March 2020)
Birth, Death, Marriage or Civil Partnership Certificates
Statutory Fees

Standard Service:

Issued at time of registration, or if requested later then processed within 5 working days.

Birth, Death and Marriage certificates issued by Registrar or Superintendent Registrar  £11
Civil Partnership certificates issued by the Local Registration Authority  £11

Priority Service:

On or before next working day (orders up to 3pm) 

Birth, Death and Marriage certificates issued by a Registrar or Superintendent Registrar  £35
Civil Partnership certificates issued by the Local Registration Authority  £35
Fees for Marriage & Civil Partnership
Notice of Intention to Marry / Form a Civil Partnership (per person) £35
Consideration by Superintendent Registrar of a divorce obtained outside of the British Isles £50
Consideration by the Registrar General of a divorce obtained outside of the British Isles £75
Attendance at the ceremony:
At the Register Office (including one certificate) £57
At a Registered Building (including one certificate) £97
Fees for the Conversion of a Civil Partnership into Marriage
Conversion of a civil partnership into marriage at the Register Office £45
Two stage procedure on other premises:
Completing the declaration £27
Signing the declaration in a religious building registered for the marriage of same sex couples £91
Fees for Changes to Initial Registration
Change of forename added within 12 months of birth registration £40
Consideration by Registrar/Superintendent Registrar of a correction £75
Consideration by the Registrar General of a correction £90
Fees for Citizenship Ceremony
Attendance at Group Citizenship Ceremony (price per delegate) £80
Fees for Searches in Indexes

Search in the indexes by the applicant personally for not more than 6 successive hours

(No fee is payable for a search in the indexes when a particular entry in the register is specified)

Statutory Service (Fees set by Local Authority)
Conducting Marriage/Civil Partnership
Current fee includes 1 certificate £11.00
Nightingale Suite: 
Monday to Thursday £180
Friday £215
Saturday £245
Approved Premise Venues:
Monday to Thursday £345
Friday £390
Saturday £495
Sunday & Bank Holiday £535
Private Citizenship Ceremony (The Nightingale Suite)
Individual Monday to Friday £155
Family Group Monday to Friday £210
Miscellaneous Fees
Ceremony Booking Fee (non-refundable) £30
Non-attendance fee for Notice and Re-registration Appointments £10
Fee for Registrar’s attendance at a ceremony commencing after 16:00 hours (subject to availability of the Registrars) £535


  • A fee for non-attendance of Notice of Intention to Marry/Form a Civil Partnership and Re-registration of Birth appointments may be made when a customer does not cancel/re-arrange appointment.
  • We accept payment by debit and credit cards.
  • Fees are subject to an annual review.


Registration Services - Performance


Bereavement Services

The Bereavement Services team provide advice, information and guidance in relation to burials, cemeteries, funerals and many other bereavement related issues.

For more information on where to find our Registration Service offices please see attached maps which provide details of the locations of both Nightingale House and North Tees Hospital.