Waste collections from your home

Refuse workers putting recycling waste into the wagon

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We collect waste from domestic properties across the Borough of Stockton-on-Tees on a designated day (from Tuesday through to Friday) weekly. This system means there are no changes to household waste collection arrangements following Bank Holiday Mondays, your household waste collection day will be the same as your recycling collection day.

 To find out what day your collection is, use the postcode checker below:



Missed bins and other issues with your household waste collection

We aim to collect every wheeled bin and recycling container which is placed out properly on the appropriate day.

However, bins are occasionally missed. which can be for a few reasons including:

  • Left out on the wrong day.
  • Left out after the collections have been made (please ensure your bin/recycling is placed for collection by 7am on the morning of you collection day regardless of the time your collection usually takes place as collection times can vary).
  • Left in the wrong place.
  • Overfilled/dangerous.
  • More than one bin left out. Please note: We operate a ‘one wheeled bin per household’ policy. Any second bins will be removed.
  • Human error.
  • Environmental factors such as snow blocking the routes or extreme weather making collections dangerous.


Reporting a Missed Bin

Missed collections should be reported no earlier than 4.30pm on the day of collection to allow time for delayed collections. We seek to collect any legitimately missed bin within 24 hours of receipt of the report.

Report a missed bin

Request a larger, green wheeled bin

We will only empty one green, wheeled bin per household and will no longer take any side waste.

We realise that larger families produce more waste, so we offer these households the use of a larger green, wheeled bin. If you think you need a larger bin please contact us and we will arrange for a needs assessment application form to be sent to you.

Contact the Care for your Area Team on telephone: 01642 391959 or email: [email protected] to request a larger wheeled bin.


Green, wheeled bin scheme and replacement wheeled bins

Most domestic properties are supplied with a green, wheeled bin for the storage of waste. Residents are responsible for looking after their bins and are encouraged to take steps to keep them safe. 

  • Newly-built properties will be supplied with a green, wheeled bin free-of-charge. We aim to deliver bins within 4 - 6 weeks of a request being made (subject to availability). 
  • If a bin is lost, stolen or damaged and you wish to order a replacement then the following charges will apply:

   - 240L (standard size)  £25.00

   - 360L (Larger bin) £35.00

   - Charges include VAT and delivery. 

Please contact us if you think that your bin fell into the back of the lorry or was damaged, while it was being emptied. We'll then check this with our collection crew before any charges are taken for a replacement bin.

Contact the Care for your Area Team on telephone: 01642 391959 or email: [email protected] to request a wheeled bin.


Black bag scheme for domestic waste

In some areas a 'black bag' scheme is in operation. Properties are supplied with 52 black bags once a year in January.


Help putting your waste and recycling out for collection

We offer an assisted collection service for those customers who are unable to move their green, wheeled bin to the collection point and where there are no other able bodied persons available to assist.

Contact the Care for your Area Team on telephone: 01642 391959 or email: [email protected] to advise that you need help putting waste and recycling out for collection.


Student household waste advice

The start of the autumn and summer terms often sees an increased number of waste-related problems in Stockton on Tees. Many student households have problems as previous occupants or builders have left waste behind over summer, or our local waste arrangements are different to those from home. The following information on local waste collection arrangements may help if you have a problem with rubbish.

To keep your neighbourhood clean, please remember:

  • Bins should not be put out any earlier than 6pm on the evening before your collection.
  • Bins should be put at the edge of your property for collection.
  • Bins should not be stored on the pavement if they will cause an obstruction to the public.
  • Refuse waste in the green wheelie bins must fit with the lid closed.
  • Excess waste will not be taken away on collection day.

Please ensure you are aware of your collection days  and that your waste is put out correctly the evening before, or the morning of your collection day.

It's the responsibility of your landlord or managing agent to remove any waste that was left behind and not produced by you. Your green bins (or red container in flats) are provided for your day-to-day household waste. We limit the number of black bins a household can but out to encourage recycling and minimise waste.

We only collect rubbish that is inside your black bin with the lid closed. We will not collect rubbish put beside a bin, on top of a closed bin, or in an overfilled bin so the lid can't be closed.

If you have extra rubbish, you must arrange for its removal yourself. This includes any rubbish within the boundary of your property which may attract vermin or become a nuisance.