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Trade and Commercial Waste Collection Service

We offer a comprehensive and competitive trade and commercial waste collection service, which is available to most types of business within Stockton-on-Tees.

Our trade waste collection service calls upon the expertise and experience obtained through daily municipal waste collection services, to provide a quality and efficient service to you and your business. Why not give the team a call today and see if we can beat your current quote?

Illustrative prices based on one collection per week could be as low as:

Container Size Yearly Example Cost Price Per Lift

Blue Bin Bag Service (52 Bags) for small businesses

£111.10 £2.13 per sack (excluding VAT)

240 litre Container

£200.71 £3.86

360 litre Container

£258.75 £4.98

770 litre Container 

£429.23 £8.26

1100 litre Container *

£557.98 £10.73

1280 litre Container 

£606.02 £11.66

Due to supply issues we are currently unable to provide 770L, 1100L & 1280L containers to new customers.

There is no extra hidden charge for the container at the start of contract. All contracts are for a minimum of 13 weeks, with a four week minimum cancellation period. Damaged bins will be replaced free of charge during the course of the hire contract providing that no negligence on behalf of the hirer, has contributed to the damage taking place.

Please be aware once a change to service has been processed it will generate a new contract and therefore is subject to the standard terms and conditions shown on your Trade Waste Agreement including Section 11 (3 months minimum service period), any further changes made before the minimum service period has ended will be subject to an administration fee of £50.00.

Additional waste is chargeable at £15 per lift.

For further information or advice on your business waste needs contact the Care for your Area Business Support team on 01642 524614 or email [email protected] 


Penalties for failing to manage your trade waste

All businesses that generate any waste as a result of trade have a moral and legal duty to dispose of this rubbish in a responsible way. The use of household waste collection services to dispose of waste generated from businesses is illegal. Laws and regulations are available to local authorities, who proactively investigate and prosecute business owners where evidence of this exists.

The Environmental Protection Act makes it illegal to dispose of waste in this way, or failing to have a trade waste agreement in place with any waste disposal provider. Penalties include an on the spot fine of £75 or if dealt with via the Magistrate Court, fines of up to £5000 can be imposed.

You can report a business that you suspect is failing to meet its waste disposal duties, in confidence, to the Neighbourhood Enforcement Service on 01642 528439 or email [email protected].