Adoption of highways

Aerial shot of the A66 road in Stockton

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We can take ownership of a private street to be maintained at public expense.

The developer/land owner or any street being adopted must enter into an agreement with the Council, with a deposit and inspection fees also payable.

Sewers on new development sites must be adopted by Northumbrian Water Limited prior to the road being adopted.

We only consider adopting existing private roads if they satisfy our current standards and owners of private streets can be expected to contribute towards costs.

The Council will only consider adoption provided any highways are designed and constructed in accordance with Tees Valley's Design Guide Specification. Full details of the adoption procedure and policy can be found in this guide.


New Housing Developments

As the local Highway Authority, we will adopt highways (to include carriageways, footways, verges, footpaths and cycleways all incorporating suitable drainage and lighting) maintainable at public expense, provided that such highways are constructed in accordance with the standards contained in the Design Guide and Specification for residential and Industrial estate development and are subject to an Agreement under Section 38 and Section 278 of the Highways Act 1980.

The Developer will be required to obtain all necessary outline and full planning approvals, in connection with all aspects of the proposed development. 


Street Naming and Numbering

We are responsible for the naming and numbering of streets and buildings throughout the Borough.

We assign names and numbers to give absolute clarity for the delivery of all mail, goods and services to residents and businesses.  It also allows emergency services to quickly locate any address they may need to get to.

We allocate road names and house numbers to new developments and property conversions while Royal Mail allocate postcodes.

The cost of naming and numbering are:

  • Developments - £220 per road name and £16 per plot
  • Developments which do not include a new road name - £110 per plot
  • Re-naming a property - £55