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Planning Committee

The Planning Committee is made up of elected Members and it sits every four weeks, unless a meeting in not required. In these cases Member consider reports detailing the Planning Officers recommendation. Those reports are discussed and debated in a public meeting with a vote taking place on each application.

Applications which are determined by the Planning Committee are those which meet specific criteria and fall outside of the Council’s scheme of delegation, some of the more common criteria is set out below.

  • Extraordinary cases which warrant consideration by Planning Committee.
  • Where more than 5 individual letters are received contrary to recommendation.
  • Council development (other than those deemed to be minor forms of development).
  • Where a Member request is made and it is deemed appropriate to be considered by committee.

To be classed as an individual letter, comments will need to be from a single address and by a resident consult by letter, unless wider publicity has been given to the development by either site notice or a press advert. Petitions or pro-forma letters (where the content remains virtually the same) are treated as a single letter of objection/support regardless of the number of letters/signatories.


Speaking at Planning Committee

Those who are interest in speaking at planning committee can do so provided they register to speak before the meeting takes place. Each person is given a maximum of 3 minutes to explain their point of view. Where there are multiple speakers, it is asked that the same points are not repeated to ensure the meeting is conducted in a timely manner.

When speaking to the Planning Committee you should try and ensure that your comments are material planning considerations which are relevant to the case being heard.

See Planning Committee minutes and agenda’s in Egenda.