The planning process

hands pointing on a building plan

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Planning applications will be handled in a similar manner as they go through the determination process.

Those main steps are identified and explained below.

1. Validation

All applications are examined and checked to make sure we have the right information and plans. We will also check we have the correct planning fee.

Further information and guidance in also contained within the Validation Guide.

2. Consultation

We will write to appropriate organisations and inform the directly affected neighbours so that they have the chance to look at the application and make any necessary comments. In some cases we will also advertise the proposals in the press and place site notice near the site.

Neighbours and relevant organisations will be given 21 days to give us their comments about an application.

Further information is provided on the View and Comment on a Planning application page or visit the Public Access online planning service.

3. Assessment

The case Officer will begin to make a full assessment of the proposal. Such an assessment is always informed by a site visit, where the case officer will assess the impact of the proposal on neighbouring properties and the surrounding area.

We will also take account all those comments we receive, consider the relevant Stockton Council and Government planning policies and weigh these against all the relevant material planning considerations.

4. Recommendation

After assessing the application, the Case Officer will write a report to recommend whether planning permission should be granted or not.

In the majority of cases it will take up to 8 weeks to determine a householder or minor planning application.

5. Decision

Most applications are decided by Planning Officers, under the delegated powers. However, some applications are made by the Council's Planning Committee.

Further guidance is also contained within our Planning FAQ's and via Determining a planning application via GOV.UK.


Appealing the Council’s Decision

If planning permission is refused you have the right to appeal the decision, or if your application is approved you may want to appeal against one of the conditions imposed.  Any decision notice of refusal will always be accompanied by information about how you can submit an appeal.

There is no 'third party' right of appeal - only the applicant has that right - however the matter may be pursued through a legal challenge in the high courts.

For more information about appealing against a planning decision please see the external website links below: