Pre-application advice

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The Council provides a pre-application advice service to those looking to submit a planning application. This ranges from those looking to build an extension to larger forms of development such as a new office building or housing development.

All pre-application enquiries are confidential and will not be shared with the public.

The simple and easiest way to gain planning advice from the Council is to use our online planning form.

When submitting a pre-application enquiry to the Council, you will be required to provide a minimum level of information. This will help us to understand your proposal and provide you with a timely response. Without this information we will not process your enquiry.

If you intend to submit your enquiry by email or post we will require;

  • Your contact details: Name, address and telephone number.
  • A thorough description of your proposal.
  • A map showing the land you are proposing to develop
  • A sketch of any proposals including any dimensions.

If you are looking to establish whether you need planning permission then you can also obtain guidance from the Planning Portal, which is a third party website. However, you should also always check that there are no other limitations which may affect whether or not you need permission, such as planning condition removing the ability to convert a garage or build an extension.


What happens to my enquiry?

Once your enquiry has been received, it will be considered by a planning officer, in some cases it may be necessary for the Planning Officer to contact you for some more information before we can make a decision.

We may also need to share your enquiry with other council departments or external partners to help give you the best possible advice, this may include matters relating to highways, noise, archaeology and nature conservation.

Once an informal view has been reached, we will contact you either by letter, telephone or e-mail. Typically this will take 15 working days. At time of high workloads, or in the case of a complex nature, we may need longer to respond to your enquiry.

Although you do not have to take our pre-application advice into account if you decide to submit a planning application, experience shows that following the advice will mean that your application will run more smoothly.