What happens to my Building Control application?

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All full Building Control applications will either be approved or refused within five working weeks (not including public holidays) from the deposit date, providing a valid application has been submitted with a correct fee.

In order to resolve any problems following a plan check, we may wish to contact you to request further information or clarification. This should normally happen within fifteen working days from submission of the application. If you require additional time to respond to the queries presented to you, an extension of time can be provided for up to eight weeks.

Occasionally, if there are major problems which cannot easily be resolved, we may need to reject the application.


Fast Track Procedure

Many domestic extensions with a floor area of 40m2 or under, will be processed via a Fast Track Procedure within four working days. A decision notice will then be issued unless alterations or clarification is required from the owner or agent.


How long does approval last?

Building Regulation approval lasts for three years from the date the application was approved. If a Building Notice was submitted, the three years will commence from the date the application was made valid.

Please note that once building work has commenced, there is no time limit for completion.


Your responsibility to consult with Northumbrian Water Ltd

The ownership and maintenance of many private sewers and drains now rests with Northumbrian Water Ltd. The property owner is responsible for the drains within the curtilage of and serving their property only; ownership of virtually all other pipes belongs to Northumbrian Water. If you are unsure whether existing or new drains will be affected by your proposals or the ownership of the drainage system, or require the relocation of any manholes as part of the development, please contact NWL for advice. Ideally this should be prior to work commencing so that any issues relating to connections, access, protection etc. can be resolved without affecting the progress of work on site. Details can be found at www.nwl.co.uk or by telephoning (0191) 4196643 or email [email protected].

Stockton Council Building Control complies with ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard.


When can i start work?

Once you have submitted either a Full Building Control application or a Building Notice, you should provide at least 48 hours notice before commencing work. This is providing you have already obtained Planning Permission (if applicable).

You may give notice by telephone, email or letter using the contact details on this page.


At what stages of work should I contact Building Control to organise an inspection?

Notification must be made to the council during relevant stages of work. Failure to notify may result in you being required to expose work at a later date and rectifying works which do not comply with the Building Regulations. Failure to give notice may also result in legal action under The Building Act.

If any of the relevant stages are not carried out, it may prevent the Council from issuing a Completion Certificate. Please note that you may be asked to provide a Building Regulation Completion Certificate if you decide to sell your property in the future.

The following inspections are normally deemed necessary for a domestic extension:

  • Commencement of work ( we require two days notice prior to commencement)
  • Foundation excavations (one day prior to concreting)
  • Concreting the foundations (one day prior to covering over)
  • Concrete over site -ground floor (one day prior to covering over)
  • Damp proof course or damp proof membrane (one day prior to covering over)
  • Foul water drainage (five days prior to covering over)
  • Surface water drainage (five days prior to covering over)
  • Steelwork (one day prior to covering over)
  • Roof Structure (one day prior to covering over)
  • Occupation prior to completion (five days prior to occupation)
  • Completion of work (five days after completion)

Please note that the above list does not cover all of the notices that may be required, and the Building Control Surveyor may still request notification of other stages of work.

The legal requirement states that notices should be given to the Local Authority in writing, however for convenience, we will accept notice via a telephone call providing the call is made before 9.45am Monday to Friday. We will carry out an inspection the same day and in addition to this, we will accept requests for inspections at other times of the day, workload permitting.

Please note: Although we will endeavour to carry out inspections at times specifically requested, this is not always possible and you are advised to make arrangements for access to be available.

Stockton Council Building Control complies with ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard.

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