Stockton Hall of Fame

Stockton Flyer Automaton in front of Stockton town hall

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As part of recognising the heritage of the Borough, we are keen to mark the contribution made by individuals who were born in the Borough or who were recognised for their work, or an event, which took place in Stockton-on-Tees.

To this end we have created the Stockton Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame currently celebrates 13 famous individuals. You can find more information about them within the people section of the Heritage website.


Stockton Heritage Plaque Scheme

Like many towns and cities across the country, Stockton-on-Tees is committed to the celebration of its history and achievements through memorials, plaques and commemorations of its famous residents, events and locations.

The Hall of Fame is now being supplemented by the start of an exciting project to mark the homes or birthplace of these important Borough individuals with a distinctive blue plaque.

The Heritage Plaque Scheme was adopted by Stockton’s Cabinet in 2012, and aims to:

  • Raise awareness of our local history and heritage.
  • Stimulate pride and aspiration.
  • Highlight particular achievements or periods including those less well known.
  • Connect people and events of the past to the buildings and sites that remain in place today.

The scheme, administered through the Council with consultation by its Members, provides the framework by which plaque sites will be selected and the format that the plaques will take. In general, they will be sited on existing buildings or structures with a link to the person, event or historical achievement.



A Commemoration Working Group has been established to consider any nominations received, proposing that the lives of particular individuals be commemorated. Nominations received should state the following:

  • Level of importance of the individual. The impact level of them, or their achievements and their consequent notoriety, being judged local, regional, national or international.
  • Their relevance and connection to Stockton-on-Tees

If you would like to put forward a nomination please contact the Commemoration Working Group by calling: 01642 526193 or email: [email protected]