Climate, Carbon and Energy

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We take our responsibility to the environment seriously and will do what we can to protect it for future generations. Our vision is to make Stockton-on-Tees a better place to live and a more attractive place to do business with clean streets, well maintained parks and open spaces, affordable and desirable housing.

In these pages you'll find useful information about the following:

Energy and Emissions Reporting Energy Saving and Tariff Switching
Fuel Poverty and Affordable Warmth Street Lighting
Sustainable Travel  


Environment Policy

The Council has an adopted policy statement that sets out our commitments to the environment in delivering our operations and services.

Read the SBC Environment Policy 2017.

We have local drivers who deliver significant improvements in carbon savings, the levels of fuel poverty and the wider environmental agenda, while continuing our work on the environment with strong economic growth and ensuring the financial sustainability of our citizens.


Climate mitigation and adaptation

We recognise the threat posed by climate change and the response that we need to take with our partners and citizens of the borough. We understand the importance of mitigation through significantly reducing our greenhouse gas emissions but equally of the need to adapt to the changes that will take place and ensure we protect communities. 


‘Climate Local’ commitment

We have worked alongside our neighbouring four Tees Valley Local Authorities since 2004 on tackling emissions and adapting to climate risk, and adopted a revised Tees Valley Climate Change Strategy in 2010. On 19 March 2015 Stockton Borough Council became a signatory of the national ‘Climate Local’ Initiative supported by the Local Government Association and the Environment Agency to drive, inspire and support council action on climate change.  


In response to this challenge, the Council’s Cabinet adopted a new Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan on 14 January 2016 to drive improvement in both reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, and better adapting to future severe weather events. We have set ourselves a challenging target of further reducing the Borough's per capita greenhouse gas emissions by 21% on 2013 levels by 2020.


Our track record

Over the past 10 years we have achieved significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions both as a Council and across the Borough by setting challenging targets and delivering innovative programmes. Since 2013, we have reduced the Council’s CO2e emissions by 25% and across Stockton Borough as a whole we have seen per capita carbon dioxide emissions fall by 27% from a 2005 baseline.


Our targets

Although we have made great progress we are ambitious and have set out to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a further 21% by 2020 from a 2005 baseline.  To do this we are rationalising all climate change, energy efficiency and renewables strategies and plans into one coherent, up to date and long term policy during 2015/16.

For more information on our carbon and energy performance, and how we report emissions, please view the Energy and Emissions reporting page.

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