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We own many allotment sites within the borough which are available to let to residents who live within Stockton-on-Tees. We currently manage Thornaby Allotments on Thornaby Road and Quarry Road Allotments in Eaglescliffe. These can be rented from us for £35.00 per year. As plots at Thornaby are within gated sites, new plot holders are required to pay an additional £20.00 for a key to the site.

To apply for an allotment please complete the online form below. Your details will be added to the waiting list, and we will contact you once a plot on your preferred site becomes available.

 Complete the Online Allotment Application


Allotment Application

All other allotments in the borough are managed by Allotment Associations and Town/Parish Councils. For information and costs please contact the individual association as listed below. Please note that we unfortunately cannot accept applications for people that live outside of the borough.


Allotment sites


Contact Details

Bypass B

Bypass C

Cotswold Crescent

Cowpen Lane

Lincoln Crescent

Matlock Gardens

Billingham Allotment Association
Apply in person at the Cowpen site shop
Open Sundays, 10.00am – 12.00pm


Contact Details

Preston Lane

Preston Allotment Association
Monica Clark
Email: [email protected]

Quarry Road

Managed by Stockton Borough Council
Please complete the online application above.


Contact Details

Urlay Nook Road Allotments

Egglescliffe Parish Council
Mrs C Whitehead
Tel: 01642 785951


Contact Details

Billingham Road

Billingham Road Allotment Association
Jayne Pailor
Email: [email protected]

Port Clarence

Contact Details

Clarences Leisure & Garden Association

Kevin Pitt
Tel: 01642 564077
Email: [email protected]


Contact Details

Dundas Street Pigeon Park

Overseen by Stockton Borough Council
Email: [email protected]

Oxbridge Lane Allotments

Stockton Allotment Association
Dennis Jones
Tel: 01642 655025
Email: [email protected]

Portrack & Tilery Pigeon Park


Ian McClade
Tel: 01642 605078

Dover Road Pigeon Site (formally known as Dumbarton Allotments)

Overseen by Stockton Borough Council
Email: [email protected]

Spennithorne Road Allotments

Stockton Allotment Association
Paul Johnson
Tel: 01642 870171 or 07932 574544


Contact Details

Andrews Site

Foggins Site

Harewood Site

Harewood B Site

Managed by Stockton Borough Council
Please complete the online application form above.


Contact Details

Wolviston Allotments

Wolviston Parish Council
Paul Healey
Tel: 01642 356942


Contact Details

Worsall Road Allotments

Yarm Town Council
Terry Chapman
Tel: 01642 927308
Email: [email protected]