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Business Advice and Information

We have detailed guidance available for businesses on a wide range of Trading Standards legislation.

For further information please visit our Business Advice Self-help Advice Sheets.


Age Restricted Sales Guidance

There are a range of materials designed to help traders comply with age restricted sales legislation, including detailed guidance notes, posters and a refusals register.

These are available to download from the links below.


Challenge 21 Poster

Challenge 25 Poster

Training Record

Refusals Register


Do You Work in Customer's Homes?

There is legislation covering most contracts where goods or services (costing more than £42) are supplied to a consumer where the contract is signed by the consumer at their home, place of work, another person's home, or on an excursion organised by the trader away from their business premises.

Regulations allow consumers to cancel some of these contracts and set the cancellation period to a minimum of 14 calendar days.

Failure to provide a clearly displayed notice of the right to cancel to your customers is a criminal offence, and the customer may not have to pay for any work that you have carried out.

Copies of the relevant legislation can be found on the UK Legislation website.



We have detailed guidance available on this legislation and in particular on the information that must be included in any paperwork you issue. For further information please visit our advice and guidance page.

We can also review your paperwork to check that it complies with the legislation. Email Trading Standards or speak to our duty office on 01642 526560 to make a request for business advice. Alternatively we have produced a sample contract (see link below) which you can use. 


Sample Contract & Express Request to Start Work

To view the sample documents please select the appropriate link below:

Sample Contract

Express Request To Start Work  



On occasions we have to deal with matters that may constitute a criminal offence, for which a range of actions may be taken against an individual, partnership or company. These matters will be investigated thoroughly to establish all the facts and where appropriate Officers will use their legal powers to enter premises, take samples, inspect and copy records, or seize goods and documents. On all occasions we will comply with the Human Rights Act and the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act.

At the end of our investigation a decision will be made whether to deal with the matter informally, or whether to follow a more formal course of action that may ultimately lead to prosecution. How we reach that decision is explained in the Council's Regulatory Services Enforcement Policy. To view our Enforcement Policy please select the link below.

Regulatory Services Enforcement Policy

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