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Find below details of term dates and holiday dates for most Stockton Borough schools.

While most schools will adhere to these dates, please be aware that some Academies and Voluntary Aided Schools may vary their dates slightly. It is advisable to contact the school directly in order to receive the most current and accurate information.

Professional development dates
The total number of term days is 195. Up to five of these days will be used as professional development days for teaching staff and pupils will not attend on these days. These days will vary from school to school and parents or guardians will be informed.

If you have any queries about school term and holiday dates please contact the school concerned. School contact details can be found on the find a school page.


Spring term 2021

The Spring term runs from: Monday 4 January 2021 to Friday 26 March 2021

Half-term runs from: Monday 15 February 2021 to Friday 19 February 2021

Easter holidays run from: Monday 29 March 2021 to Friday 9 April 2021
(Includes bank holidays on Friday 2 April 2021 and Monday 5 April 2021)


Summer term 2021

The Summer term runs from: Monday 12 April 2021 to Tuesday 20 July 2021

Bank holidays (school closed): Monday 3 May 2021

Half-term runs from: Monday 31 May 2021 to Friday 4 June 2021
(Includes bank holiday on Monday 31 May 2021)

Summer holidays run from: Wednesday 21 July 2021 to Tuesday 31 August 2021
(Includes bank holiday on Monday 30 August 2021)


Autumn term 2021

The Autumn term runs from: Wednesday 1 September 2021 to Friday 17 December 2021

Half-term runs from: Monday 25 October 2021 to Friday 29 October 2021

Christmas holidays run from: Monday 20 December 2021 to Tuesday 4 January 2022
(Includes bank holidays on Monday 27 December 2021, Tuesday 28 December 2021 and Monday 3 January 2022)


Spring term 2022

The Spring term runs from: Tuesday 4 January 2022 to Friday 8 April 2022

Half-term runs from: Monday 21 February 2022 to Friday 25 February 2022

Easter holidays run from: Monday 11 April 2022 to Friday 22 April 2022  
(Includes bank holidays on Friday 15 April 2022 and Monday 18 April 2022)


School term and school holidays calendars

Download the school term and holiday calendar for academic years 2020/2021 and 2021/2022.

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