School closures

Rosebrook Primary School

COVID-19 rates in Stockton-on-Tees are very high so the Government has named it, along with the rest of the North East, an Enhanced Response Area. Find out more on our Enhanced Response Area page.

For general Coronavirus information including disruptions to Council services or how to book a COVID-19 test visit

Schools have access to a system which they can use to notify us of disruption or closure.

COVID-19 related school closures will only be recorded on this page when a full school is closed. For information about small groups or individual year groups isolating, please contact your school direct.

However, partial school closures for reasons other than COVID-19 (e.g. due to winter weather or heating breakdowns) will be recorded on this page.

Our Facebook and Twitter pages will also publish this information.

For any further information for each school (such as contact details), visit our find a school page.


Current school closures

There are no current school closures.


School closure notification information

  • To tell us about a school closure, use this online form
  • While we endeavour to provide comprehensive information we rely on schools, academies and colleges to inform us that they will be closed to all, or some, year groups
  • For definitive information you are advised to contact schools directly as it is possible they have not yet informed us of closure
  • We only ever publish disruption or closure information that has been provided directly by a nominated contact at schools, academies and colleges


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