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Requests are regularly received from parents to transfer their child to an alternative school and it can be for a variety of reasons. In certain cases it does not always benefit the child or the school and so the Local Authority has laid out procedures which are followed upon receipt of such a request.


Applying for school places during an academic year – In Year

An in year admission is when a parent wishes to apply for a place at a school not during the formal transition times (e.g. going into Reception for the first time, moving from a primary school to a secondary school). This is usually because the child is moving to a different address or is new to the country but it can for other reasons as well. These moves usually take place during the academic year which is why they are referred to as 'in-year' admissions.

This guidance aims to help you through the process of deciding which schools to apply for and making an application for an in–year school place. Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council co-ordinates the application process for the all Stockton-on-Tees schools and academies and we aim to make the system as simple as possible.

Please note:

  • If your child has a Statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN) or Education Health and Care Plan you must contact the SEN and Engagement team first [email protected] if you are looking to move to another school.
  • If this request is not due to either a house move in Stockton or into Stockton from elsewhere within the UK or abroad, then it will be assessed first before an application form is posted out to you.
  • The LA would strongly discourage unnecessary transfers between schools as it is extremely important that a child has continuity in their education.
  • An Officer will contact you to discuss your request for a transfer further.
  • If your child is moving to Stockton from overseas, and previously attended a special school or unit due to their special educational needs, please enclose details of your child’s needs and this special provision with your school application. This will help us to process your application more quickly and ensure appropriate support is provided within Stockton.

If you are thinking about a change of school unrelated to a house move, please consider the following before making your decision:

  • If your child already attends school, you must discuss the reasons for requesting a move with the current school as it is important that you try to resolve any difficulties by working with the school rather than seeking to transfer. A school cannot ask you to withdraw your child from school or withdraw your child from the school roll without your permission or first establishing that your child has a new school place.
  • Each school teaches the National Curriculum in different ways and at different times of the academic year. How will your child cope with learning new arrangements and doing things in different ways? They may have done the work before, missed important earlier work, or find the work new or strange.
  • Children need to feel happy at school and relationships with the right friends, and with teachers, are an important part of this. Will your child be able to settle in and get to know new people quickly, so that their learning does not suffer?
  • How would your child get to a new school? What will be the cost involved? A change will usually be regarded as parental choice. In most circumstances you are unlikely to qualify for travel assistance to the preferred school.
  • Will it be a problem for you if your children attend different schools? There is no automatic right for your other children to also transfer to the new school. Will you be able to transport your children to different schools at the appropriate times?
  • You might need to buy a completely new uniform, including PE kit, if your child changes school.

Many things that worry parents, carers and children can be resolved without the need to move schools. Often moving schools does not resolve these concerns and could even have a bad effect on your child's education. If your child is unhappy at school you should speak to the Headteacher. Problems can usually be resolved quickly. 

Our guidance for in-year places is split into three easy to follow sections:

If you have any further questions after reading these, please contact us directly. We will respond as quickly as possible but at busy times our response times are 3 working days for phone calls and up to 10 working days for written correspondence.

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