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Rosebrook Primary School

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School place planning is a critical aspect of our statutory duty to assess the local need for school places to ensure that every child can be provided with a place in a state-funded school in the Stockton Borough.

Local Authorities need to demonstrate that they have robust procedures and systems for forecasting pupil numbers taking account of changes in local circumstances to ensure there will be the right number of schools in the right places for the number of pupils expected in the future.

A School Organisation Plan (SOP) aims to provide an overview of current and future pupil numbers which supports planning the pattern and provision of school places across the Borough. It will be produced every two years and be made available to our schools and partners.

The plan also sets out our policies and key aims on school organisation and the procedures required by law for making changes such as opening, closing or enlarging schools.

This SOP should be read in conjunction with any Capital Papers to Cabinet on future Capital Plans for support and the allocation of appropriate funding.

For additional information about our school place planning contact the Admissions, Placements and Commissioning Manager by email: [email protected] or by telephone: 01642 526415.


School Organisation - Statutory Notices and Consultation

When the council or school governing body plans to make a significant change to the organisation of a school, a statutory notice must be published to enable members of the public to object to or make comments on the proposed changes.

A significant change might include opening a new school, closing a school or expanding a school.


Current Consultations

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