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If you have care needs you may have to pay for the cost of your care. We have a financial assessment tool to help you find out how much you may have to pay towards it.  

Many people will not be asked to pay the full cost and in some cases no charge will be made. The decision on how much you will pay is based on a financial assessment. Where a financial assessment is required, we will make an appointment with you to determine how much you will be required to contribute towards the cost of your care and support at home or in a care home. The Adult Social Care Financial Services Team will carry out a financial assessment of your circumstances to work out exactly what your contribution should be; this will be calculated according to The Care Act 2014 Charging and Assessment Regulations and the Councils Charging and Financial Assessment for Care and Support at Home Policy.

The Adult Social Care Financial Services Team will also be able to provide advice and support regarding any benefits that you are entitled to receive. All information that you give will be treated confidentially and all records of the conversation will be kept securely.

You will find further information in the following documents:

  • Paying for Non - Residential Care
    This factsheet details the financial assessment used to determine your ability to contribute to the cost of non-residential services. It shows how the assessment is undertaken and how your income, saving and personal expenditure is taken into account.
  • Paying for Residential Care
    This factsheet details the financial assessment used to determine your ability to contribute to your care home or nursing home service. 
  • Information if you are paying for your own Care
    This factsheet details information you need to know about how you pay for your own care if you have savings over the current threshold of £23,250. It also includes important information about benefits and what to do when your savings start to reduce and you may need help paying for care. 


You can use the financial assessment tool to calculate how much you may be required to pay and also complete a financial assessment – we will confirm this to you in writing when we have checked the information that we have received from you. 

If you have any questions please contact the Adult Social Care Financial Services Team.

Telephone: 01642 524586

Email[email protected]


Custodian arrangements

In some cases where an adult is unable to take care of their own finances and they have no relatives or friends willing or able to take on this role, the Council can step in to take charge of finances through an Appointeeship, Court of Protection arrangement.

For more details about this service please contact your social worker.


Benefits advice

For information about financial advice and support please see our Benefits advice and guidance section.

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