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Current Applications and Consultations

On this page you can see all current applications and consultations under the Licensing Act 2003.


Licensing Act 2003 Statement of Licensing Policy Review

The Licensing Act 2003 requires that all Local Authorities Statement of Licensing Policy are reviewed every five years. Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council’s policy is scheduled to be renewed in January 2021.

However recent government advice is for Local Authorities to readopt the current Licensing Act Statement of Policy given the impact of COVID 19 on the licensed trade, the revised government regulation and current rules impacting on the trade. The Licensing Authority will consult with the hospitality industry as and when the trade regains some degree of normal trading.

This provides a pragmatic and fair approach to all those working within the licensable activity sector, whilst continuing to meet our statutory obligations under the Licensing Act 2003.

View a copy of the current Statement of Licensing Policy here.

If you have any comments or representations on this proposal please do so by email to [email protected] by 26 October 2020.


Current application representations

Members of the public can make representations on current applications before the end the public consultation period. Representations must be relevant and based on the likely effect of granting the application give reasons or detail specific concerns with dates and times were possible. This is a relevant representation. The Licensing Authority will not consider representations that are frivolous or vexatious, e.g. a frivolous representation may be one that does not have a serious purpose or is not serious in its nature, whilst a vexatious representation may be one that is made purely to cause annoyance to the applicant.

Considerations under the Licensing Act 2003 are:

  • The prevention of crime and disorder
  • Public safety
  • The prevention of public nuisance
  • The protection of children from harm

Considerations under the Business & Planning Act 2020 are:

  • Public safety
  • Public amenity
  • Accessibility


Current Applications

Premise Name and Address Type of Application Application Document Representations Consultation Closure Date


Teesside Retail Park,



TS17 7BP



Morrisons Application

No current representations

29 October 2020

Yarm Distillery,

8A Wass Way,

Durham Lane Industrial Park,


TS16 0RG

New Premise Grant

Yarm Distillery Application

No current representations

4 November 2020

The Globe,

154-157 High Street,


TS18 1PL


The Globe Application

No current representations

4 November 2020

The Hardwick,

2 High Newham Road,


TS19 8PD

New Premise Grant

The Hardwick Application

No current representations

17 November 2020

Booze Cruisers,

1 Victor Way,



TS17 9PA

New Premise Grant

Booze Cruisers Application

No current representations

19 November 2020

Occasions Of Mill Lane,

2/4 Mill Lane,


TS23 1HF

New Premise Grant

Occasions of Mill Lane Application

No current representations

23 November 2020


How to make a representation

If you would like to make a representation, please complete the appropriate representation form below and email to [email protected]. Please note that a full copy of your representation (including your contact details) will shared with the applicant and summaries of the comments received will also be displayed on our website. You may wish to keep a copy of the completed form for your records.

Licensing Act Representation Form

Pavement License Representation Form

There is also guidance on how to make a representation available.

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