Being a Foster Carer

Children drawing with their foster carer

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As a foster carer with Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, you will be allocated your own dedicated Supervising Social Worker (SSW). 

Our SSWs have a wealth of experience supporting foster carers. Your SSW will be your point of contact within the Children’s Fostering and Carers Team at the Council; they will give you full support, help you develop your skills, and talk you through ongoing training. As soon as you are approved, they will start the matching process between you and children who need placements.


Foster Carer Allowance

Foster carers receive a realistic allowance to cover the everyday expenses that caring for a child involves.

The current allowance for new carers ranges from £140.33/week to £242.08/week per child (depending on the age of the child). As you become more experienced as a carer, this can increase to between £265.33/week and £367.08/week per child (depending on the age of the child).  

Extra payments are given to cover special occasions such as birthdays and holidays. 

View the full schedule of Foster Carer Allowances 2019.


Tax and National Insurance

As a foster carer, you may have questions about what tax and national insurance you need to pay. HMRC has developed an e-learning course to help guide you through everything you need to know. There are useful tips and practical case studies as part of the course which you can do at your own pace.

Start the free e-learning course.


Can you do it?

Many people express admiration for those who foster, and there is no doubt that foster carers do an amazing job. You can do it too! The building blocks for a positive future for a child in foster care come from everyday life. And remember, you won’t be alone. There are plenty of people and networks to support you as a foster carer. So make a difference today and request an information pack. This small step could be the start of transforming a child’s life.

“I’m a long-term foster carer. Fostering is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. It’s also the most challenging. Sometimes I’ve had to dig deep to find resilience, patience and humour. But always, whatever situations I’ve faced, it makes me proud. To know I’m doing something so worthwhile is extremely gratifying. With the help of professionals, it’s wonderful seeing my young person find her place in the world.”

Watch our YouTube video featuring foster carers talking about the rewards of fostering.

Read the fostering statement of purpose

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