A national lockdown is in place which means you must stay at home.

For information about the rules, any disruptions to Council services, how to book a COVID-19 test and the support available for residents and businesses visit www.stockton.gov.uk/coronavirus

The local COVID-19 picture

The COVID alert level for Stockton-on-Tees is “National lockdown".

Keep up-to-date by reading the latest COVID-19 data dashboard report.


COVID-19 Control Plan 

Our COVID-19 Control Plan sets out how we will work together with other organisations and with the local community, to limit COVID-19 being passed on to other people and to help people in our Borough to live their lives as normally as possible.  

This Plan will change as we get more information and as we learn more about where and how the virus is spreading in our communities and what effects it has. 

We have published supporting information for school safety in our Information on schools section.

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