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Home to School Transport

Here you will find FAQ's about home to school transport for this academic year.  


Public Transport

Due to social distancing measures in place on public transport we are encouraging students who would usually get the bus to walk and cycle if possible. If this is not possible and your child must travel by public transport please ensure they leave more time than usual to complete their journey.


For more information please visit Lets Go Tees Valley Back to School page.



Q - Do staff wear PPE?

A - All our in-house drivers and Passenger Assistants have been issued PPE (personal protective equipment) which includes face masks and gloves. We've asked all operators to increase their cleaning regimes before any of our children or staff board their vehicles. Please get in touch with Community Transport on 01642 527117 if you want to discuss your child’s individual needs.

Q - Will my child be required to wear a face covering?

A – Current Government guidance states that children and young people travelling on dedicated school transport should wear a face covering.

Q - Will the council provide face coverings?

A - The council will not be providing face coverings for children who travel or receive travel assistance for home to school transport.

Q - My child has a high temperature, will they be able to go to school?

A - Please check the Government website for the latest advice and guidance on COVID-19 symptoms. If your child presents symptoms of COVID-19, such as a high temperature ((based on the latest government guidance), they will not be allowed to travel.

Q - Why isn’t there any social distancing on my child’s school vehicle?

A – Current Government guidance does not require social distancing for children travelling on designated school transport vehicles.

Q - Can I take my child to school during COVID-19 and keep my child’s place on school transport?

A – Yes, as the parent/carer of a child who is eligible for home to school travel assistance, it's your choice whether or not you accept our offer of travel assistance. Please contact Community Transport on 01642 527117 to discuss any suspension of transport.


Please note, the additional fare-paying children who use concessionary seats on these buses can continue to do so until 31st March 2022. This follows the Government’s decision to delay the implementation of legal changes that would have prevented concessionary passengers from travelling on these buses

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