Who can get help: National Minimum Eligibility Threshold

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Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council have a duty to carry out a needs assessment in order to determine whether an adult has needs for care and support.


Are you entitled to care and support?

An assessment is how a local authority decides whether a person needs care and support to help them live their day-to-day life. The assessment must be carried out by an appropriately trained assessor, for instance a social worker, who will consider a number of factors, such as:

  • The person’s needs and how they impact on their wellbeing, for instance, a need for help with getting dressed or support to get to work.
  • The outcomes that matter to the person, for example, whether they are lonely and want to make new friends.
  • The person’s other circumstances, for example, whether they live alone or whether someone supports them.

The aim is to get a full picture of the person and what needs and goals they may have.


The Assessment

The assessment must be:

  • Provided to all people who appear to need care and support, regardless of their finances or whether the local authority thinks their needs will be eligible.
  • Of the adult’s needs and how they impact on their wellbeing, and the outcomes they want to achieve.

After the assessment, a Care Manager will determine whether the person is eligible for care and support. This is set out in regulations which will be consistent across England with a national minimum threshold for eligibility.

1. Managing and maintaining nutrition

2. Maintaining personal hygiene

3. Maintaining toilet needs

4. Being appropriately clothed

5. How safe do you feel in your own home?

6. Maintaining a habitable home environment

7. Developing and maintain family and other relationship

8. Accessing and engaging in work, education or volunteering

9. Making use of facilities in the community

10. Carry out caring responsibilities for a child

The Care Act came into force at the beginning of April 2015, our Leaflets are in production and will be available shortly. For further information in the interim telephone our helpline on 01642 524500.


Stockton Eligibility Indicator

The eligibility indicator is an intelligent interactive tool for adults to quickly and anonymously establish their likelihood of eligibility for care and support from the local authority.  The user is presented with a result of likelihood for eligibility for care and support along with whether or not they are likely to have to pay for some or all of the support they need. A full assessment would still be required following completion of the Stockton Eligibility Indicator.

 Complete the on-line Stockton Eligibility Indicator 

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