Stockton Market Consultation


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You can view a summary of the results of the Market Consultation here.

Stockton’s outdoor market is set move to the north end of the High Street after a consultation with traders, businesses and visitors found there was a clear majority for it to be positioned in this future location.

Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council has worked with traders to find a future location for the ‘Queen of the North’ market that works for all, with this jewel in the crown set to be located in the area which is close to the High Street’s future retail offering.

This means the market will benefit from retail footfall in light of key future changes happening in the town centre, including the demolition of the Castlegate shopping centre, the Swallow Hotel and the consolidation of retail into Wellington Square and the north section of the High Street.

You can download the original Market Consultation document here.


Next Steps

It's proposed that the move will commence in January 2022.

A dialogue is taking place between the Council and market traders to assess and determine the individual locations of traders' stalls with the footprint of the preferred option.