Rosebrook Primary School

The Government has announced 'Local COVID alert level: high' restrictions for Stockton-on-Tees.

For further information about the rules and disruptions to Council services visit

The family of schools, academies and colleges of the Borough are known collectively as Campus Stockton.

All of our schools, academies and colleges work in partnership with a collective responsibility to ensure that all of the Borough's young people have access to the best possible learning opportunities so that they can achieve their full potential, with no child left behind.

Campus Stockton is built upon key principles:

  • Putting the learner first - putting students at the heart of planning and decision making
  • Every school a good school - ensuring that all Stockton-on-Tees schools, academies and colleges offer and provide a high standard of education and are among the very best in the country with commitment to support them on the journey to good or outstanding
  • Schools in partnership at the heart of the community - working with other agencies to make sure that children’s needs are met so that they can learn and thrive
  • We are constantly striving to improve the quality of our school buildings, working hard to make the most of the funding that is available to us