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We want to continue to bring change and improvements to Norton to increase the facilities there, making them inclusive and accessible for all.

Due to Norton’s increasing popularity as an evening destination, we want to ensure its popularity for this use and make improvements to the High Street that will benefit both visitors and businesses in the area across all times of the day.

Read a full summary of consultation responses.


Norton Duck Pond 

We’re proposing a programme of repairs to the duck pond, the perimeter path and steps, as well as a replacement of the fountain and surface improvements.

The duck pond works are part of the first phase to continue to make Norton a great place for residents, businesses and visitors.

Work is expected to begin in Autumn 2021 once the pond’s ducklings have fully fledged. The programme of works will take approximately eight weeks and will be completed by the end of the year.

Find out more about the Duck Pond proposals here.


Norton High Street South

There’s a need to improve traffic flow on the High Street due to Norton’s increasing popularity. We’re looking to create a one-way system at the very southern section of the High Street, as well as the creation of wider pedestrian areas and approximately 20 additional car or taxi spaces along this southern section.

Options to improve the public realm for residents, businesses and visitors at the southern section of the High Street to create a multi-use carpark and events space are also being considered. This will create more space on the High Street, supporting businesses with further footfall.

We also recognise the hard work of Norton Business Group and want to provide additional support to assist them with small scale events and improvements.

The first stage of this process is to start a dedicated consultation process with businesses and stakeholders.