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The information you give us in relation to your Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support claim will be treated confidentially and is protected under the Data Protection Act 1998.

We may pass information we hold about you to other agencies or organisations such as the Department for Work and Pensions and the Inland Revenue, as allowed by law.

We may give information to certain third parties such as, government departments and local authorities to:

  • Make sure the information is correct
  • Prevent or detect crime, and
  • Protect public funds

We will not give information about your claim for benefit to anyone else unless:

  • You have asked for your housing benefit to be paid directly to your landlord
  • You have given us written consent to do so - allowing us to discuss your claim with a family member, friend or solicitor, for example.
  • You have an appointee acting on your behalf


Information which may be given to your landlord

We may give some information to your landlord. This information will not include personal details such as:

  • Your income details
  • Your date of birth
  • Details of your family

If you have asked us to send your Housing Benefit payments direct to your landlord we can tell them:

  • You have made a claim for Housing Benefit
  • That we are waiting for information from you
  • The date your benefit starts and ends
  • The weekly amount of your benefit
  • Dates and method of paying your benefit
  • Changes to the amount of your benefit
  • If your claim is suspended
  • If you ask us to stop paying your benefit to them

There may be information about your claim that we need to check with your landlord, such as the date your tenancy started. If this is the case we have to ask your landlord even if you have not given us permission to discuss your claim with them. 


Sharing information with your landlord

Sharing information with your landlord could help us deal with your claim more quickly and reduce the risk of you falling behind with your rent because of your claim being delayed.

Please complete our online form to confirm that you are happy for us to share information with your Landlord. You will need to provide your Landlord’s full name and address.

If you need help completing this form, please contact us on 01642 393829.

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