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When your claim for Housing Benefit, Council Tax Support or Local Housing Allowance is worked out your benefit amount is based on personal and financial details you supplied at the time of your claim. The benefit letter we sent you tells you the information we have used to work out your benefit.

You should read the letter carefully to make sure the correct income and personal details have been used. If any of the information used to work out your benefit is wrong you must tell us straight away.

The letter also informs you of your duty to tell us of any changes in your circumstances.


Changes that you should tell us about

You must tell us about any change that may affect the amount of benefit you are getting.

Examples include:

Changes to you or your partner’s income or savings

  • Starting work.
  • Stop or start to get Income Support, income-based Jobseekers Allowance, income related Employment and Support Allowance or Universal Credit.
  • Start to get Tax Credits or the amount changes.
  • Wages go up or down due to working different hours, changing jobs or getting a pay rise.
  • Child benefit starts, stops or reduces.
  • Start to receive a private pension, or the amount changes.
  • Stop or start receiving any social security benefits or other income.
  • Any other income you receive goes up or down.
  • Any money you have in the bank or building society goes up or down.
  • Receive a lump sum payment due to redundancy, compensation, maturing policy or the sale of a property.

The home you live in

  • Move to a new home.
  • Rent goes up or down if you are a private tenant.
  • You or your partner leave temporarily or permanently.

People who live with you

  • You or someone who lives with you gives birth or becomes responsible for a child.

  • A child leaves school or college.
  • Childcare payments to a registered childminder, nursery or after school club alters.
  • Anyone comes to live with you or someone living with you moves out. This could be a partner, child or other adult.
  • The income of anyone living with you changes.

These are only examples of the changes we need to know about.


When to tell us about changes to your circumstances 

Tell us as soon as possible in one of the following ways:

  • Telephone: 01642 393829
  • Write to: Revenues & Benefits Service, PO Box 410, Stockton-on-Tees, TS23 2YD
  • Call in to speak to an advisor at Thornaby Customer Services Centre, Billingham Customer Services Centre or Stockton Customer Services Centre.

We may need proof of the change, and may need to see the original document. If you do not have proof still tell us of the change straight away. You can provide proof later.

You can use this form to submit evidence documents online. 

Provide Evidence Online

If you need help completing this form, please contact us on 01642 393829.

It is an offence not to report changes in your circumstances and we may take action against you.

Find out what changes you need to tell us about that may affect your Council Tax bill  


Further advice and guidance

Find out how you can get advice and guidance about Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support.

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