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Stockton Borough Council is now delivering phase 2 of Government’s programme to actively assist and turn around the lives of some of the Borough’s families who are experiencing problems, by providing targeted support to help them as necessary.

Troubled Families Phase 2 is projected for 5 years, 2015 – 2020. Phase 2 has broader national criteria than Phase 1:

  • Parents and children involved in crime or anti-social behaviour.
  • Children who have not been attending school regularly.
  • Children who need help: children of all ages who need help, those identified as ‘in need’ or subject to a Child Protection Plan.
  • Adults out of work or at risk of financial exclusion or young people at risk of worklessness.
  • Families affected by domestic violence and abuse.
  • Parents and children with a range of health problems.

As well as improving outcomes for these families, our Targeted Family Support Programme will reduce long term costs to the public purse that are associated with them.

Read our revised Troubled Families outcome plan.

In order to identify and support families experiencing complex difficulties, Stockton Borough Council and partners will be sharing relevant personal information with each other. This is so we can work together in a joined up way to help each family.

The information that will be shared will relate to education attendance and exclusion, youth crime, anti-social behaviour, adults out of work and children receiving social care services. This information will be processed under strict protocols in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and other relevant legislation. Information will be held securely and will only be used and shared on a strict need to know basis with limited partners for the purposes of identifying and supporting the families with the most need. Personal information gathered for the Targeted Family Support Programme will be deleted when it is no longer needed for these purposes. Families identified to receive targeted support will be contacted.


Government Evaluation and Research

Personal data of individuals and families will be linked with information from public agencies. This includes both those assessed as potentially meeting the criteria for the programme, and also those who have participated in the programme.

The reason to link the information is to help the government and local service providers understand whether or not the programme has been effective in reducing offending, truancy and getting people ready for work and to help improve the service over time. Data agreements are in place to ensure that:

  • The data can only be used for carrying out research.
  • The linked data cannot be used to make decisions about individuals.
  • The linked information is anonymised to reduce the risk of individuals being identified.
  • It will be impossible for any person or family to be identified from any published reports.
  • The linked personal data will not be shared with or made available to the local authority or any other public agency.
  • All data is transferred, handled and stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act.
  • Appropriate measures are in place to prevent unauthorised use of the data.
  • The data is destroyed after five years.

For more information please contact [email protected].

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