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Privacy Notices

Data protection legislation gives individuals more control over how their personal data is used.

The legislation requires the Council to inform individuals if it is processing personal data and provide detailed information on the following:

  • The purpose for using the data
  • The type of data being used
  • How long the personal information will be held
  • Who the data may be shared with
  • The source of the information
  • If the data will be used for automated decision-making
  • The rights of individuals
  • How to contact the Council
  • How to make a complaint to the Council


This information is provided in the Council’s Privacy Notices below:

Privacy Notice - General

Privacy Notice - Easy Read (general)

Privacy Notice - Registrars

Privacy Notice - Returning Officer (RO) and Electoral Registration Officer (ERO)

Privacy Notice - Adult Social Care and Health

Privacy Notice - Children's Social Care and Early Help

Privacy Notice - Education

Privacy Notice - Libraries

Privacy Notice - Revenues and Benefits

Privacy Notice - HR Recruitment

Privacy Notice - COVID-19


The privacy notice for The Hotel Company - Hampton by Hilton is also available below:

Privacy Notice - The Hotel Company - Hampton by Hilton 


Due to the mobility of service, personnel and their families can often be disadvantaged in the provision of commercial products and services compared to other citizens. This is called commercial disadvantage.

Overcoming it is a priority for the Government and the Ministry of Defence (MOD). They are very keen to hear from anyone who feels they have suffered this disadvantage because of their own, or a family members’ service. You can highlight issues by completing this short survey.

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